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Pink Packaging Trade Promotion

The Challenge: When Sales is Relational, But Everything’s Virtual

LGS Sales is a proud supporter of Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure and has a strong personal connection to the cause. This year, LGS Sales doubled-down on their support by centering their biggest consumer promotion of the year around encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and elevating breast cancer awareness. The original plan included showcasing the promotion and limited-time pink packaging during Fresh Summit. However, with trade shows going virtual, LGS Sales was faced with the challenge of finding an impactful way to engage with their trade audience without being in-person.

The Opportunities: Let’s (Mail) Them Something to Talk About

DMA Solutions worked with LGS Sales to “surprise and delight” their retail customers with information about the breast cancer awareness consumer promotion and the limited-time Pink Darling® Clementines packaging. Trade customers received an email inviting them to visit this landing page that explained the purpose of the packaging. In addition, customers received custom LGS-branded pink “swag” in the mail and a one-pager about how LGS planned to drive shoppers to stores through the tangential promotion.

PART 1: Email Campaign

Prior to sending the “Surprise and Delight” mailers, the DMA team worked with the LGS Sales marketing team to craft and send three emails: 

  • Email #1: Announced the release of LGS Sales’ pink packaging to LGS Sales’ trade contacts, explaining the promotion and how the brand is driving shoppers to stores.
  • Email #2: Showcased passion for the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure cause while reminding customers to place their packaging orders.
  • Email #3: A third email was sent to retail buyers who received the mailers in hopes of furthering the conversation and initiating final orders.

LGS promo email screenshot and onesheet mockup

PART 2: Pink Packaging Mailer

We shipped more than 25 mailers that included a branded shirt, water bottle, mask, notebook, hand sanitizer, plus a set of clementines coasters and a one-pager. This one-pager informed retailers of the consumer promotion and why shoppers  would be looking for stores carrying the Darling® Clementine pink packaging

The Results:

Turns out, an unannounced box of bright pink goodies will get someone’s attention! As a result of the trade promotion, LGS Sales saw:


Lasting Impressions From LGS Sales’ Pink Packaging Mailer:

With such positive feedback from trade customers and consumers alike, LGS Sales is considering this as an annual promotion to build on in the coming years.

promo items in box
LGS promo items on table
filling LGS promo boxes

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