The Compelling Reason You Need to Invest in Video Content for 2020

If you’ve been on Facebook (or any other social media network) lately, you’ve probably seen more and more video content as you scroll through your feed. In this digital age, some of us likely see more video advertisements while we are browsing the web than we do while watching TV! When you look at the stats, however, this comes as no surprise: according to Hubspot, video content is extremely effective for marketers—and the demand for it is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, a study in 2018 found that 43% of people want to see even MORE video content from marketers.

So what holds fresh produce marketers back from creating and sharing more videos? What else but budget! Most marketers can attest that videos, especially high-quality, highly engaging ones, are not cheap to produce. But if you’re a marketer who’s on the fence about investing in video content creation this year and the next, allow us to share some information that just might sway you.

Why Your Brand Should Invest in Video Content

A Compelling Reason to Invest in Video: Online Ads are Changing

According to data collected with Lucid and presented by Hubspot, 31% of survey respondents believe that there will be more videos ads than text ads by 2024, and an additional 31% believe that video ads will overtake text ads completely. Combined, that’s 62% of survey respondents who believe video will be the primary delivery vehicle for online advertisements in the next 5 years.

So why do people prefer online video advertisements so much? Hubspot also asked this question and surveyed respondents to find out which ad format would most likely lead to a purchase. The results are clear: video ads win out over all other formats when it comes to purchase inspiration.


Video Helps Showcase How a Product is Used

The reason video advertisements can be more engaging is simple: video is an ideal format to showcase how a product is used, which increases the likelihood that someone will be convinced to buy it. For fresh produce marketers, this means that video is an ideal way to show shoppers how to pick, prep and cook with your products.

Stretch Your Video Budget Farther in 2020

If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your video investment, we don’t blame you! There are several ways for savvy produce marketers to get the most out of the videos they create in the coming year:

  • Break a longer story into multiple clips: If you invest in a full day of filming, you can potentially collect quite a bit of footage—but this doesn’t have to exist as one singular video. Consider slicing and dicing video footage into various 30 to 60 second segments to share across social media, your website, at tradeshows and more.
  • Go live: Live-streaming options on Instagram and Facebook are becoming increasingly popular (and budget-friendly) ways to showcase “how-to’s” when it comes to picking and prepping fresh produce.
  • Take a class: Do you already have an eye for video and photography, but just need a little professional polish? Consider taking a few classes or online tutorials (many are either free or inexpensive) so you can capture your own video content. You may need to invest in some specific equipment and video editing software, but this could pay off over time vs. the cost of hiring videographers.

Video content is going to become essential for brands to be successful in engaging their audiences in 2020 and beyond. If you need help with video and visual content needs, we’re here to guide you through this process! Contact us at and ask us about our visual content services.

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