Shape Up Your Website for Summer

While your website might be one of your most costly and comprehensive marketing investments up front, it often takes a back seat to other timelier marketing priorities as the years go on. And before you know it, five years have gone by, your team page is still showing employees who have long moved on, your news page is missing the last 15 press releases, your products page is showing outdated packaging, and no one thought to add your newest location to the contact page. 

Sound familiar? Honestly, it’s an all-too-common reality for most companies. That’s why we like to recommend an annual website review at minimum along with a dedicated line item in your marketing budget to allow for ongoing maintenance.

But outdated content aside, there might also be some less noticeable ways that your website is underserving you. It might be time to also do an SEO tune-up.

Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s Performance

Revise your copy to clearly communicate benefits. 

Consider what keywords and phrases your target audience might use to find you on the internet. Layer that with what you are most interested in your audience knowing and understanding about your business in relation to those keywords and phrases. Then, examine whether your web content is effectively utilizing those keywords and phrases to tell your story.

 Consider this simple structure in building out your website messaging:

  • CLEAR headline that states what benefits you offer
  • CONCISE description of how your product or service makes your customer’s life better
  • BOLD call to action to let the customer know how to get your product or service

Don’t overlook the details.

While having as many keywords as possible was once the key to success, new Google updates place value on SEO basics, including:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt-text for images 

Making a drastic leap in organic search rankings takes some time, but if your website is in a good place otherwise, updating these basic SEO items can help increase your visibility. 

 Invest in an SEO Assessment or Website Audit

If you aren’t sure what needs to be improved on your website or where to start, an SEO and/or website assessment can come in handy. We’ve designed these tools to analyze every aspect of your website down to the smallest details and the result is a comprehensive report that tells you what’s working, what’s not working, what to fix and how to prioritize your next steps. 

In particular, search engine optimization is one of those things that many marketers feel unequipped to tackle. But the good news is that there are some small things you can do to immediately improve your website’s performance and user experience. If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, give us a call. We’d love to provide you with a quick SEO assessment and recommendations on what to do next.

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