It wasn’t so long ago that a vast majority of fresh produce marketers could count the important events and dates they needed to know on two hands. After the major eating holidays, there were a handful of industry events that we kept on our radar and the rest of the calendar was reserved for birthdays, anniversaries and Aggie games (at least mine). Those days are long gone! Now keeping track of trade events alone requires several sets of hands AND feet! In recent years, I have watched the skill of “calendar management” become absolutely critical for successful marketers. With this in mind, we have created an all-encompassing calendar noting dates for industry events, consumer promotions, religious observances, pop culture and more. We understand that in order to remain relevant in today’s communication culture we must be adept at balancing what we know and can plan for in advance along with more spontaneous and ‘responsive’ communications that connect us to the “here and now.” That’s why we created and are sharing the 2014 Produce Marketer’s Master Calendar that provides 12 months of dates you need and will want to know. This tool will help you set goals and reasonable timelines so that you’re