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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamJuly 19, 2017 10:31 AM

Most fresh produce marketers are familiar with the notion of sales kits as a helpful tool to inform their teams and media about new products, but we’re finding that media kits, more than ever, have made a comeback as a vital PR tool to support media coverage. Why? We believe this is because there are more professional storytellers than ever before – traditional media, bloggers, registered dietitians, etc. – who are looking to become equipped with brand stories that they can share with their audiences. Brands that provide a media kit stand out because it shows that they are going the extra length to connect with media and invest in storytelling.

Enter the resurgence of the media kit – a one-stop shop for influencers and media to find the information that they need to determine the best way to share YOUR brand’s story and product information. We recommend that each brand have a media kit with the following types of content included in order to be successful in pitching throughout the year:

  • Company Backgrounder: A 1-2 page story of the company’s history, legacy, and future plans.
  • Executive Bios: Background information on the person/people who are most likely to be quoted on behalf of the brand.
  • Product Fact Sheets: Key messaging on product offerings with photography, SRP, availability, and important product distinguishers.
  • New Product / Promotion Calendar: A list of new products, availability, and consumer promotions.
  • RD or Blogger Support: A 1-pager with 3rd party validation from an influencer in the fresh produce space.
  • Former Media Placements: A 1-pager with examples of other media coverage that your brand has earned.

What we find is that having a well-designed, concise, and digitally-available media kit leads to better, more proactive conversations with editors and influencers – ultimately resulting in the types of placements that feel authentic to a brand’s messaging and story. The better we equip the media, the stronger our industry’s stories will be!

If you’re considering putting together a media kit, we’d love to help! Click below to let us know how we can support your public relations needs.


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