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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamMay 26, 2017 9:51 AM

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Since the creation of emojis, this statement holds every bit of truth as more and more emojis are being used in replace of words daily. In a recent study, many frequent emoji users admitted that emojis allowed them to express their feelings more accurately than words. In that same study, it was recorded that 30.4% of frequent users use emojis several times a day – and it’s not just Millennials!

With the same breath, it is safe to say that emojis have become a norm and do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon… so why not embrace it? We’ve seen many brands such as the California Avocado Commission capitalize on this trend and launch a petition to successfully add an avocado emoji to the keyboard – can you say AVO-amazing?!

Studies have shown that Instagram posts including emojis receive 17% more likes and comments than posts that do not include emojis. With more brands utilizing social media, the need for their product’s emojis is imperative to connect with their audiences. However, while many brands are migrating to social media and trying to embrace the emoji trend, it’s tough when their prized possession – or piece of produce – is missing from the selection.

We’ve seen the frustration behind brands such as California Giant Berry Farms as they too, have launched a petition in hopes of getting more berry emojis. Currently, users can only rave about strawberries using emojis, but what about the blueberry muffin they ate for breakfast? What about the mixed berry fruit salad they are bringing to the family picnic later? You see, the lack of ALL berries really dampens the ability to share just what the text is trying to convey.

As avid emoji users, we stand behind the need to add blackberry, blueberry and raspberry emojis to the keyboard, but we also see the need for all produce to be included!  

Creating a petition for the addition of your emoji is simple – first, determine what emoji would be best for your brand. Then, find an online services to host the petition. Next, promote the petition to gain enough signatures that will entice the Unicode Consortium to consider making more emojis. Soon enough, the whole fruit basket and veggie garden will be fingertips away from the online population.

What are your thoughts on more produce emojis? We’d love to hear from you! Tweet us your comments or questions at @TheCoreBlog.

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