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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamNovember 7, 2018 5:00 AM

As 2018 comes to a close and we look ahead to 2019, we’ve reflected on the changes happening in the marketing landscape around us and revitalized the way we approach every step of the buyer’s journey. We’ve learned that there is power in positive word-of-mouth advocacy, and that brands don’t have to wait idly by for word-of-mouth to spread. Come along with us to explore how the buyer’s journey has evolved—and learn how we’re approaching this journey in 2019 and beyond.


The Traditional Buyer’s Journey

If you’ve followed The Core for a while now (we’re just about to reach our 10 year anniversary—can you believe it?), you’re probably well informed about the traditional marketing funnel through which a shopper comes to know your brand and eventually purchase your product. The traditional buyer’s journey can be broken down into three stages:



At this stage, the goal of your marketing should be to get as many eyes as possible on your brand. Whether it be your social media presence, a press release, or a promotion, the awareness stage is all about attracting people to what you’re offering.



In the consideration stage, shoppers are aware of the many different solutions for their needs. They do research, weigh their options, and determine which choice is best for their needs. As a marketer, you should showcase your POD (point of difference) to shoppers in this stage, helping this group easily identify the “why” behind their purchase decision. Perhaps you highlight your proprietary varietals, or maybe your focus on sustainability. Dig deep—what really makes you different?



During the purchase stage, shoppers have determined what they want and are actively pursuing it. As a fresh produce marketer, you can be sure shoppers feel confident in choosing your brand by making your in-store presence known. Consider a product locator on your website that will help a shopper find your produce in a store near them. Create unique packaging or in-store displays that grab the attention of someone looking to purchase.


The NEW Buyer’s Journey

At DMA, we strive every day to become better marketers. That’s why we’re adopting a new buyer’s journey that turns the visual on its side—literally! The new buyer’s journey acknowledges that creating value and marketing touchpoints with shoppers doesn’t stop at the register. Instead, it extends beyond the sale and leverages customer loyalty and word of mouth to create more engagements that attract new shoppers. You see, the old-fashioned “push to sell” strategy isn’t the only approach to marketing anymore. You can encourage shoppers to “pull” demand for your product as well if you nurture, reward, and enable advocacy. Here’s how we view marketing activities in the buyer’s journey:



Did you know it costs five times as much, on average, to obtain a new customer than to retain an existing one? It’s true: your efforts are well spent when you continue to show value past the point of purchase. Thank long-time newsletter subscribers with exclusive access to a premium newsletter, or consider thanking people who have told you they love your product by sending them a special coupon. By doing so, you’ll encourage people who are occasional purchasers of your product to become loyal to your brand.



The most powerful part of the new buyer’s journey is the advocacy you can leverage to generate even greater awareness. By nurturing shoppers and rewarding loyalty, you’ll foster a community of brand advocates who will market on your behalf. When you create a good experience for shoppers, they’re likely to share their experience with others, broadening your reach to new audiences.


What do you have planned to keep your shoppers moving through the buyer’s journey beyond the purchase? How are you planning to reward people as they grow to become loyal to your brand? Now is the time to plan your strategy for 2019!


Need a hand getting started? Reach out to us for help. We’ll deeply examine the experience you’ve created for today’s shoppers and help you find opportunities to optimize the journey, every step of the way.


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