Three Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2024

Can you believe 2024 is almost here? If you were to Google “Marketing Trends For 2024,” you will find no shortage of articles detailing what is expected for marketers in the year ahead. But we know you’re short on time, so we’ve read them for you and are recapping what we think will be the most impactful and useful for you to know as you prepare for the new year. 

Here Are Three Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2024 

1. AI Integration

  • Not only will marketers and agencies lean more heavily into AI and the support it can provide, but consumers will expect it more and more as well.
    • Marketers, I know it can feel scary to lean into something new. However, Invoca ran a study and found that 49% of marketers are more optimistic about AI than they were at the start of last year. So, try to see AI as more of a friend rather than a foe. Almost every platform we use at DMA (Hubspot, Sprout Social, Buzzsprout, etc.) has an AI feature to take a load off your plate. Now, of course, we’re not recommending you rely completely on AI and let it run your marketing strategy. However, if you haven’t already, begin exploring the support it can provide and be sure to double-check all of its work before you hit “publish.” 
    • For consumers, AI integrations will remove any sort of patience that consumers had. They’re looking for quick answers and a short response time. If you don’t have automated replies or a chatbox integrated into your website or social media channels, now may be the time to start!

2. Short-Form Videos

  • You heard it from us last year and you’re going to hear about it this year as well! If you haven’t begun integrating short-form videos into your social media channels, the time to start was yesterday. I know it can it can feel overwhelming. I know you’re feeling like you don’t have the resources in place to make this happen, but this trend is not going away any time soon. If you’re feeling stuck, give us a call! We create nearly 20 short-form videos each month for our clients and would love to help you too. 
  • Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to creating short-form videos: 
    1. Vertical is king! Shoot your videos vertically in order for them to fit into Instagram’s Reel algorithm and see the best results. 
    2. Don’t worry about them being professionally done! User-type generated content preforms great on Instagram. 
    3. Consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so don’t spin your wheels creating a whole meal when consumers are just looking for a snack.

3. E-commerce Integration 

  • I don’t know about you… but during this Christmas season, I’ve felt myself relying on Instagram ads more and more to come up with great gift ideas for my friends and family. And according to Constant Contact, I’m not the only one… nearly 74 percent of consumers rely on social media for purchasing decisions.
  • I know integrating e-commerce within your social media platforms isn’t for every business, however, if it does make sense for your business, jump on board! It may be some extra work on the backend, but the end result will be your business is a better resource for your shoppers and you might even see a spike in sales! Sounds worth it to me!


As we prepare for the year ahead, let us know if we can help you reach your marketing goals! Our goal is to be ahead of each trend, so you don’t have to be.