Two Things You Must Do to Connect with Gen Z

When planning content for the future, don’t forget Gen Z! This younger age group makes up a quarter of the US population, so it’s important to craft a messaging strategy that will resonate with them. 

Gen Z is a younger age group that is starting to come into the workforce. According to Salesforce, they were born between 1997-2015, and they are already making their mark on the world. Research shows that this is a ethnically and racially diverse group that values open-mindedness, inclusion, and authenticity. They love brands and movements that make a positive social impact.
They are eager to learn, and they are actually more likely to go to college than previous generations. Plus, since they grew up with the Internet, they expect information immediately when they search for it.

Knowing what we know about Gen Z, there are two big opportunities that fresh produce brands should capitalize on NOW to start reaching this generation. 

Two Things You Must Do to Connect with Gen Z

1. Highlight Sustainability Stories

In the eyes of Gen Z, businesses and corporations have an obligation to make a positive impact and not focus on profits alone. In fact, according to Quotient, 70% of Gen Zers try to buy from companies that they consider ethical, and 65% of people in this group try to ascertain the origins of the products they’re buying.
The great news is that, as fresh produce brands, these stories most likely already exist – it’s just a matter of creating them and telling them. Don’t shy away from breaking down the big topics in order to educate them. Just make sure your brand is walking the walk before trying to talk the talk.
A good example of a brand doing this the right way is Vital Farms. Check out this post they made about their recyclable and compostable packaging: 
vital farms


2. Be Authentic.

Gen Z values authenticity, and they want their marketing to to reflect a truthful view of the world. They aren’t easily swayed by marketing tactics, and they grew up with technology, so they know how to fact-check.
According to a recent study, being authentic with Gen Z means that a brand should focus on these things:
  • continuity
  • credibility
  • integrity
  • symbolism


 A good example of a brand being authentic while also being informative is the Owyhee Produce! They recently went viral by creating no-fuss videos on TikTok informing their followers how onions get to stores. 
shay farm kid

If you missed our most recent Marketing Matters webinar, it is full of even more tips to reach this dynamic generation of consumers! Download the presentation or watch the replay here:


If you want to start reaching Gen Z, let’s chat. We will schedule a call to assess your content marketing plan and strategize how to best reach this generation!