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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamSeptember 24, 2014 9:00 AM

sotellmeWorking at DMA Solutions, I’ve learned a lot about marketing, fresh produce, Texas A&M and business development (not necessarily in that order). Of the many lessons I’ve learned from Dan’l, one stands out among the rest – she often shares with us “the more questions you asked, the more successful you will be.” I see this translating to all life situations, but this practice is especially vital to successful inbound marketing.

Seems simple enough, right? In theory, yes. But, asking the RIGHT questions and then using the information gained to deploy effective marketing tactics requires a thoughtfully planned inbound marketing strategy. A form, as defined in our collection of inbound marketing terms you need to know, is a digital survey housed on a landing page that collects information about your visitors in exchange for your offer (something you give visitors in return for their information). An effective form captures information about your visitors that will help you more effectively nurture your contacts with information they are seeking which in turn will put you one step closer to earning their permission and trust in your brand, products and/ or services.

form-vectorWhen crafting the questions to include in a form, there are many things to consider. The list below will help jumpstart the process – and involves asking yourself questions.

  • What are your company/marketing/promotion goals and what information will get you closer to achieving them? Forms are completely customizable, so you can collect very specific data from your visitors. Start general and get more focused with each subsequent offer form so that you earn trust along the way. (Think of it like a cocktail reception – you start with a little small talk and determine their common interests.)
  • What information will you need to fulfill the offer? If it’s a sweepstakes or contest, collect full shipping address information so that you can mail the prize. This information will also be very helpful in future geo-targeted campaigns.
  • What information will boost your sales team’s pitches to customers? Ask your sales team what information their customers are seeking. Odds are you’ll be able to capture this information via the form you create and, in the process, escalate your sales colleagues to rock star status.
  • What will the next offer/promotion be? If you think one step ahead and include questions in your current form that will help you create a more enticing next offer, you’ll be one step closer to delighting your audiences.

In the end, the questions you ask, the answers you receive and the strategic actions you take as a result will aid you in being a more helpful brand to your audiences. We believe this is a commitment every produce company should make.

Learn more about forms and delighting your audiences in our Intro to Inbound Marketing eBook!

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