Visual Content We’re Crushing On

As marketers, we have to be both careful and purposeful about finding sources of inspiration while working to elevate the same brand on a long-term basis: after all, persistent creative fatigue means we aren’t serving our clients to the best of our ability. As a group of people who need to consistently come up with new ideas—or at the very least a new spin on an old idea—we love to scroll through some of our favorite visual content “crushes” to give us a healthy dose of creativity.

As we move into Fresh Summit and start planning for 2019, we want to share some of our recent favorites with you!

Inspirational Visual Content

Reynolds Kitchen

At first glance, this might look like an ordinary tablescape but as you keep scrolling down…it is one continuous image!  High-five and a few rounds of drinks to whoever came up with—and continues to execute—this visual work of art!  This account certainly keeps us inspired to maintain a unique yet cohesive look when planning and creating visual content.


Charity Water

Great visual content tells your brand’s story, and that is exactly what Charity Water does with its content. Tackling the incredible mission of ending the water crisis by bringing clean water to millions, Charity Water tells a story that is both compelling and engaging.  The images they share on their website and social media platforms give you a peek into the tangible impact they make on the world.

 Visual Content Inspiration Charity Water-DMA Solutions

Gotham Greens

Nothing says “fresh” quite like an eyeful of GREEN! Lettuce tell you (ha!) what a fantastic job Gotham Greens does in showcasing not only their product, but also tasty recipes, company culture, and an inside look at their everyday lives. This authentic vibe is highly appealing to younger demographics like millennials and Gen Z.

Visual Content Inspiration Gotham Greens-DMA Solutions 


Taking a cue from the vibrant colors of the company’s fruit, Zespri has created bold and punchy images to showcase their brand. They call out their products with crisp images on a bright white background in a way that is compelling to the point that you can’t help but to be pulled in.  Continuing the playful theme, Zespri brings in cute lifestyle images that are relatable and pull at the heartstrings of consumers.   

 Visual Content Inspiration Zespri-DMA Solutions

Wright Kitchen

Why do we love this visual content? Her bio says it all: “I see food as an art, and an opportunity to do something creative.” If you’ve ever found yourself staring at an artichoke, amazed by the beauty of it (raising my hand high and proud right now), then you will no doubt find yourself gazing (for longer than you may want to admit…) at this Instagram account whenever you need a little inspiration—or just a daily dose of beauty.

 Visual Content Inspiration Wright Kitchen-DMA Solutions


Love Beets

Dear Love Beets, we LOVE your website and visual content! Everything on this site has been thought through, from the font colors that perfectly mirror the colors of the products to the playful social media icons in the footer of the site. This website is THE example of how to coordinate your visual content to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts!

Visual Content Inspiration Love Beets-DMA Solutions 

Anett Velsberg

Given the clever compositions and unique styling, alongside the soft soothing colors that Velsberg captures in her photography, you’ll be eased into a state of calm and relaxation as you scroll through this feed. If you want to stay up to date on the latest “foodie trends,” be sure to follow this account!

 Visual Content Inspiration Annet Velsberg-DMA Solutions

Elevate Food

Taking a more abstract approach to food photography, Elevate Food captures a unique twist on recipe and product shots. These images capture your attention and make you pause for a moment while you process the different elements of each image.

 Visual Content Inspiration Elevate Food-DMA Solutions

Food Bites

If you love playful food art, you have to follow Food Bites. Following photo after photo of cute and creative works of art, you’ll be in awe of how food can be used to make so many unique characters. The level of personality displayed in each creation is incredible—and makes me want to propose an office-wide challenge to create characters out of produce.

Visual Content Inspiration Food Bites-DMA Solutions

What visual content are you crushing on lately? Leave us a comment or tweet to us @TheCoreBlog! We’re always looking for new inspiration!