What It Means To Be “Resolute”

With the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reflect upon and practice what it means to be resolute. But what exactly does that mean? One definition of resolute means to be firm in purpose or belief. Adjectives that characterize a resolute individual are purposeful, resolved, steadfast, and determined – all of which are important characteristics for us to show up with at DMA. 

What Does It Mean To Be “Resolute”?

At DMA, we’re deeply rooted in our core values to guide us as marketers and more importantly, as teammates. “Helpful first” and “better every day” are just a few terms we use to remind ourselves of our role within the organization and how we should best show up. These key values help us to be resolute in the way that we understand our purpose and work persistently every day to achieve our goals as well as our client’s.

According to Lesley University, some benefits of utilizing core values are that they can:

  1. Distinguish a company’s Identity
  2. Improve recruiting and retention
  3. Influence behavior
  4. Shape organizational culture
  5. Contribute to the overall success of a company

Essential Tips for Creating Company Core Values

You may be wondering, where do I even start when creating or updating your own core values? There are plenty of resources to use – in fact, one of our favorites is Business Made Simple. But to give you a start, here are a few tips to keep in mind when working on your key values or characteristics: 

Be Concise 

Make sure to keep your core values concise! If they are too long or if there are too many, nobody within the organization will be able to prioritize them or put them into action.

Be Memorable

Make sure your core values are memorable! They should be easy to remember and flow right off the tongue. 

Be Achievable 

Most importantly, make sure they’re achievable. If the term and task at hand appear too daunting, why would anyone try to achieve it? Helpful hint, if you rank them in priority order, it will help new hires and current employees alike to understand the direction and purpose! 

In our efforts to be helpful first, we’ve created this Essential Services page to guide you to quick affordable services! Check it out or download our full list of marketing services.