What to Do If Your Content is No Longer Relevant

You may be looking at the content calendar you planned out and color-coordinated months ago thinking… “do I really need to scrap this?” And the answer is… maybe. Sometimes a simple tweak in messaging is all it takes, while other times, it may be better to pivot altogether to avoid sounding tone-deaf. If you find yourself drawing a blank, we’re here to provide creative inspiration from some of the best content we’re seeing across social media.

Sure, there is a recipe content craze right now as more people are cooking from home, but we’re also realizing that lines are blurring and brands have the ability to speak to the heart of humanity now more than ever showing that you care about more than your bottom line. It’s okay to speak to your audience as friends and not just customers, to acknowledge that they are dealing with tougher predicaments than just what to make for dinner tonight (though you can help with that, too). Here are some of the most creative ways we’ve seen influencers and brands are adapting their content:


Up Your Recipe Game:

Budget-friendly Meals


Whether your audience’s income has already been affected by job loss or they are preparing for the economic downturn, we think “budget” will be the new buzzword. Keep this in mind as you choose which recipes to share and how to position your messaging, making sure to acknowledge reality without being overly negative. 


Reducing Waste

In the wake of consumer hoarding behavior over the last 6 weeks, It’s a good idea to educate your shoppers about reducing food waste during this time. The conversation is especially prevalent right now as people make less trips to the grocery store and use the items they previously purchased. We need to do our part to reassure them that buying fresh produce is NOT a bad idea if they store it properly. Even better, share recipes that can be made and frozen for families to enjoy for months to come! 


Recipe Flexibility

It’s not so easy to waltz into a store and get whatever ingredient a recipe calls for, so providing your shoppers flexible recipes and substitution ideas is critical to ensure an “out of stock” message doesn’t foil the whole plan. Giving ideas of how to mix and match based on what they have on hand is the most practical approach right now. 


Or, if You’ve Already Posted 375,648 Recipes…

These ideas have little or nothing to do with food, but provide meaningful content:

How to Help Others 


People are looking for ways to help because it gives them a purpose beyond finishing a Netflix series. From highlighting top food charities like No Kid Hungry or Feeding America to giving simple inspiration for ways to delight your community’s friends and neighbors, there are easy ways to join this conversation and show that you care about more than selling your product.


Encourage Reflection

Asking simple, thoughtful questions that encourage reflection and gratitude are a welcome break in your consumer’s news feed. Give them a reason to focus inward rather than on what is going on around them. 


Free-Workout Roundup

People may be running out of ideas for creative home workouts, so provide some new options with a workout roundup.Studies have suggested that when people move their bodies, they are more likely to make healthier eating choices, and this one in particular stated that “the more the participants worked out, the more likely they were to skip snacks and to choose fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods over red meat, fried foods, and soda.”


One silver lining to all of this is that, if you’ve ever felt stuck in a box when it comes to the content your brand shares, no longer is there a status quo to stick to. Step outside of your comfort zone so your fans will remember you as present and compassionate during this time.


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