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Mentor – you’ve heard the word a thousand times, and you know it’s something you’re supposed to have, but are you one for someone else? This year, being a mentor to someone outside of your company should be at the top of your resolutions list if you’re looking to grow in your leadership development. Don’t believe me? Check out these three simple reasons why you need to be a mentor in 2018.


Why Become A Mentor:

Teaching is learning.

You know how they say that the best way to learn something is to teach it? Well, that’s the case for mentoring as well! When you have the opportunity to teach someone more about the industry, or a role they’re trying to earn within their company, or even a challenge they’re facing, it reminds and inspires you to continue to learn in order to be able to speak about the things your mentee needs from you.


Coaching people outside of your own team helps you refine your leadership style.

One of the best ways you can develop in your own leadership skills is to help someone that does not work with you on a daily basis because it forces you to adapt to someone new. Think about how comfortable you may be communicating with your own team – when you have the opportunity to coach someone who does not know your everyday communication style, it requires an empathy and intentionality in the way you lead that person to help them achieve their goals. As a result, your own leadership continues to be sharpened.


Mentoring is personally and professionally satisfying.

In the same way that giving back to the community or donating to a charity makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, so does mentoring. There’s something personally and professionally satisfying to know that you’re not only helping someone else solve problems and learn, but seeing your own growth and the growth of others because of the time that you took to help is deeply rewarding. If not for anything else, be a mentor because it will bring you joy.


Now that you know WHY being a mentor is important, let us help you figure out HOW to be a mentor! The Center for Growing Talent by PMA has a mentoring initiative that makes it incredibly easy to sign up as a mentor, as well as to find a mentor within the industry. The value of a program like this means that there are quite literally hundreds of opportunities to connect with others in the industry to find someone that can not only support your growth, but that you can support as a mentor.


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