Why We Take Recruitment So Seriously

While technically recruitment is just the process behind hiring someone to fill a role in your company, at DMA Solutions, we know it’s much more than that. Ultimately the recruitment process is all about whom you allow into your sacred space; and because we take that so seriously, the process can be lengthy. Below are the top four reasons why we don’t rush this process.

Four Reasons Why We Take Recruitment So Seriously 

Culture Matters 

Take your culture seriously or no one else will. Culture is the glue to your team. Culture empowers your team to put forth an excellent effort because they feel seen, worthy and valued. A healthy culture also increases employee tenure and overall business efficiencies because happy employees work more efficiently and with more purpose. Culture is why employees choose to stay… or leave.

One bad egg can ruin the whole batch, so whom you bring into the group matters. Throughout the recruitment process, keep your eye on the prize and seek out someone who is not only a hard worker with grit but also encompasses the ability to be a key culture contributor.

Purpose Matters 

The candidate should understand the purpose of your organization throughout the recruitment process and clearly see how they can contribute to the shared goals. Focusing on the mission of the organization is what helps your team get through the hard days and show up with grit. It’s imperative that you hire someone who is aligned with your company’s mission.

Teamwork Matters

It is also paramount that the team can trust the new candidate beyond their ability to do the work. DMA Solutions works in a highly supportive and collaborative environment, so hiring someone who can morph into that working environment is vital. As a business, you want your team to work in unison as they chase common goals.

People Matter

Of course, we care about our team and our culture, but we also care about the candidate. If you hire a candidate who isn’t fit for the job or role, he/she won’t succeed no matter how incredible your onboarding, training, and development programs are.  This will only cause the employee potential frustration down the line and set them up to not feel fulfilled at work. This type of pattern will generate increased turnover costs for your business and ultimately, put you right back where you started. Being intentional with every interview and conversation, subconsciously measuring whether they will be suitable for the role, is critical for both your organization and the candidate.

At the end of the day, successful recruitment is essential for running a successful business. The people on your team are what will make the difference and leave the deepest impact on your company’s accomplishments and advancements. Take recruitment seriously!

If you are interested in learning more about our process, give us a call! We love to talk about our culture, recruitment, and processes.