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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamJanuary 17, 2018 12:43 PM

With a new year comes new trends in the fresh produce space, and packaging is no exception. As technology becomes more advanced and consumers become more invested in the “why” behind their purchasing decision, there are several packaging trends brands need to consider when thinking about the future of how they want to present their products on the store shelves across the world.


We have seen brands take a more personal approach to their packaging in recent years. Coca-Cola and M&Ms are great examples of brands who have used customized product labels to entice consumers to buy their brand when given a plethora of product options. Consumers are looking for brands that offer them an experience or emotion they haven’t felt in regards to the product you are selling. In 2018, selling an experience, not just your product, should be a major focus when it comes to your packaging decisions.

Sustainable Packaging

People want to feel they are making a responsible choice when it comes to purchasing decisions. According to a recent study conducted by Cone Communications, 91% of consumers around the globe expect companies to operate responsibly and 71% would pay for more sustainable products, such as packaging. These statistics alone validate why fresh produce companies need to continue to find ways invest in sustainable packaging of their products in 2018.


In today’s world, shoppers are looking for convenience when it comes to what they purchase in the stores. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, capturing the attention of potential consumers with your packaging can be boiled down to 5 attributes: easy to store, ability to reseal, easy to open, ability to extend product shelf-life and easy to carry. A good example of this kind of packaging is the Love Beets Honey and Ginger! 

Transparency and Cleanliness

Too much of a good thing can be bad. In 2018, consumers want to be informed about the products they are purchasing, but do not want to be overloaded with information. Brands must find their happy medium between not enough and too much of what they want to convey to their audiences about products through their packaging. In line with the transparency aspect, brands must also present the information in a clean manner, making your packaging a breath of fresh air in the hectic retail space. 

Flexible Packaging

Packaging can be one of the most expensive parts of bringing your product to market. As you look for innovative packaging options, consider flexible packaging in 2018. Not only does it reduce production costs and improve transportation costs, but it also highly customizable and environmentally friendly.

Looking to improve your packaging in 2018? The first step is ensuring you have a solid brand identity. Download your free guide to get started.

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