Your 2020 Fresh Summit Experience in GIFs

If this year had gone differently, right about now most of us would be packing our bags or getting ready to board a plane to head to PMA Fresh Summit. Any form of stress or fatigue we would feel would be masked by the adrenaline surge of getting ready for our company’s biggest event of the year and the anticipation of seeing all of our favorite industry colleagues in one place.

But this has been no ordinary year and as you all know, our Fresh Summit experience is going to be completely different than ever before. So of course we HAD to recreate our annual “Fresh Summit Experience in GIFs” post, documenting the seriously laughable moments and totally unexpected shape this year’s event has taken for all of us in the fresh produce industry!

What Fresh Summit 2020 Will Be Like

Letting your team know that Fresh Summit is going to be a virtual event this year:

When you first start Fresh Summit planning:

Trying to get everything done in time for the Buyer Preview:

Dealing with a technology crisis in the middle of set up:

Preparing your sales team for the virtual show:

Getting ready for Zoom calls:

Someone’s background during a group conference call:

When dogs want to join the Zoom conversation:

When your press release gets prime real estate in an industry publication right before the show:

Logging on to join networking events:

Watching the State of the Industry:

Checking out other people’s Marketplace Pages:

Making last-minute changes to your page:

When you finally finish your Marketplace page, Fresh Ideas Showcase addition and all of your Exhibitor Highlights: 

Then when you get another email asking for something else you missed (oh, and it’s due tomorrow):

Getting your sales team pumped up for the show:

 Landing a meeting with a buyer:

Your face when you realize you won’t have to see ANY booth babes this year: 

Trying to choose between educational sessions:

Then realizing all of the sessions are available on demand, so you don’t have to choose:

Telling yourself it will be okay to have a few drinks before a networking session:

When you see one of your industry besties on the call:

The moment when the networking session is about to end:

Waiting to see who the performer will be during SUNSET Rocks:

Your feeling after all the screen time:

Then thinking about the fact that your feet aren’t completely destroyed this year: