7 Reasons We’re Grateful to Work in Fresh Produce

Some say that the best way to wake up each day with a joyful spirit and feeling excited to go to work is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. We say the best way to wake up feeling joyful is the smell of bacon… 

OR working in the fresh produce industry! Maybe it’s both? In all seriousness, we couldn’t go into the Thanksgiving holiday without reflecting on this incredible industry that we are blessed to serve. Here’s 7 really awesome reasons why we’re grateful to work in fresh produce:

Product Samples

Straight up the BEST food samples! Have you seen our monthly “Instagram Days” when our social media team gathers to take photos of our clients’ products? (Hint: follow us on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at this!) It’s mouthwatering! We’re so lucky to be able to sample and cook with your amazing products as a part of our jobs and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

This might be me at tradeshows… 

Unbeatable Travel Destinations

Many of us here at DMA love to travel, and it’s a good thing because visiting our clients is always a highlight! Not to mention the exciting places where our industry hosts events, and you just can’t beat the travel destinations.

My friends after I tell them I have to go to Monterey (again) for work…

Seriously – our work in this industry has taken us around the world. From regular destinations like Monterey, San Francisco, LA, New York or South Florida to places like Montreal, Berlin, and South Africa – we’re extremely fortunate to have these opportunities to travel and see where food is grown around the world. 

Our team boarding the plane on our way to an event. 

Memorable Nights Out

Our industry knows how to have a good time. Maybe it’s because we work so hard, maybe it’s because at any moment mother nature and forces outside our control could and really mess things up, but we really do know how to let loose and have a good time with our colleagues! Many of our countless memories with you all include amazing wine, karaoke, and even tambourines (you know who you are!).  

Who is ready for a karaoke night with DMA in 2022?! 

Entrepreneurial spirit

Growers are such a true testament to that hardworking, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps grit that is part of what makes our industry so resilient and interesting to be a part of. We’re grateful to be surrounded by like-minded folks who carry an entrepreneurial spirit with them into their daily lives that allows us to figure out how to try new things that no one has ever done before all in the name of elevating the demand of fresh food.

Feeling inspired when we discover a new product or varietal in the produce department. 

The people & relationships

Every tradeshow or industry event is like going back to the homecoming game at college. There are so many special friendships that happen in this industry due to the nature of our work and we are deeply grateful for the lifelong friends we’ve made along the way! A special shout out to our trade associations for all of the hard work they put into giving us the opportunity to come together several times a year – your efforts are truly valued! 

Seriously, how excited is everyone going to be when we finally come together in October 2022?

Marketing something good

For us at DMA, we’re especially grateful for the opportunity to market a fresh and healthy product that we all believe in. In the world of marketing we could just as easily have ended up with careers marketing Doritos or Michelin Tires – but each of our paths lead us to this industry that has made us not only better marketers, but better people.

Are you feeling a little teary-eyed too?

Our impact on the world

And finally, the thing that makes us wake up each and every day excited to come into work is knowing the impact we have together on the world. Because of the products you grow and that we get to market, we’re helping impact people’s health and lives and inspiring people to make positive food choices every day. For that, we are forever grateful.

Dolly Parton is the perfect example of gratitude. Let’s be more like Dolly! 

Why are you grateful to work in the fresh produce industry? Share your moments of gratitude with us this week on Instagram or LinkedIn!

Oh and from our grateful team to yours, have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!