Finding The Right Influencer For Your Brand

According to Website Builder,Influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method.” So if you haven’t already considered influencer marketing for your brand, now is the time! The good news is that these days, influencers cover everything – from food and fitness to fashion and beauty, so you’re sure to find an influencer partner that is a perfect fit for your brand. While there are endless options available, today we’re diving into a few different types of influencer partners to get you started on your search. 

Five Different Types Of Influencers

Food Influencers

Starting with the type you’re most likely familiar with… those mouthwatering recipes that come up on your Facebook or Instagram feed? We have our food influencers to thank for that.

While it may seem like all food influencers fall under the same umbrella, the way we see it at DMA is that food influencers can be broken out into two categories:

  • Recipe Creators and Developers
      • These influencers primarily share personal homemade recipe content where they incorporate a brand’s product into their recipes. You’ve most likely seen these through blog posts and social media.
      • This type of influencer is a great option for fresh produce brands. The influencer can incorporate your product into their recipe and highlight it as a key ingredient, which will help keep your brand top of mind for consumers.
  • Foodie Influencers
      • Known as “foodie influencers” because their audience is made up of (you guessed it) foodies! These influencers go to different restaurants, either locally or nationally, to share content that showcases delicious drinks, eats, and the ambiance at each place.
      • This type of influencer is great for the restaurant industry. Having influencers personally taste your food and share it with their audience on social media is a great way to get more people into the restaurant and bring awareness to your brand.

Lifestyle Influencers

Lifestyle Influencers do a little bit of everything. They share anything from home interior content and outfit inspiration to workout routines and more. These influencers reach a very diverse audience due to sharing a variety of content. Partnering with a lifestyle influencer is a great way to expose your brand to even more people who have interests all across the board.

Another benefit of partnering with lifestyle influencers is that they showcase how your brand/product can fit into anyone’s daily life! For example, if your brand is a healthy granola bar, a lifestyle influencer will snap photos/videos of the convenience of packing granola bars for the car ride between picking up one kid from soccer practice and dropping the other kid off at piano lessons.

Fitness Influencers

Our fitness influencers will put those muscles to work! They share daily fitness routines, the meal plans/diets they follow, and motivational content with their followers. They also talk about health and wellness and the foods they eat to fuel their body properly. Partnering with these influencers is a great way to showcase how your product helps with overall health and how your product provides the sustenance and energy required to go out and conquer each day.

Mom/Parent Influencers

As they always say, mother knows best.

Mommy/parent influencers share content like easy weeknight recipes, DIY crafts to do with the kids, safe vitamins and supplements your kids can take, toy brands their kids love, etc. If your product is family-oriented, this is the type of influencer for you! Not only do parent influencers share a variety of content, which means a variety of followers, but their followers also become a community unlike any other influencer partner. If your product is trusted by a beloved parent blogger/influencer, you can be sure that the community of followers will follow suit.

Teacher Influencers

While this one can seem a bit more out-of-the-box, who has a better grip on what type of food or product is needed to get teachers and students through the day better than teachers? Teacher influencers share classroom décor inspiration, fun activities to do with your students, trendy outfits you can wear to school, and highlights of their lunch boxes. They also share what their days look like teaching as well as what their life looks like off the clock. Teachers are a great way to show how your product is essential at school and home.

Celebrity Chefs

If you have the money and manpower to make a splash, partnering with a celebrity chef can be a fun and impactful way of getting your product noticed! This can happen by either partnering with a local celebrity chef in your area or searching for more national, larger-scale chefs found on Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs, recent James Beard winners, etc. Celebrity chefs are great for producing content like Instagram Lives, Instagram takeovers, and creating great recipes for the brand’s needs that will reach a large and engaged audience. However, remember this will likely come at a higher price tag and will take additional hours for your team as chefs are just that… chefs! They aren’t necessarily influencers or food photographers so be prepared to work with an agent and have the resources on your team (like a photographer, videographer, etc.) to get the finished product over the finish line.

While we have only touched on a few types of influencers, there are countless more that can generate great exposure for your brand. If you need some guidance on how to choose the “right influencer” for your brand, give us a shout! We will share our expertise with you and your team and formulate a personalized plan that incorporates influencers who align with your brand’s product, aesthetic, and goals.