What Would a Fresh Summit Intro Meeting with DMA Solutions Entail?

We’ve all been there – squeezed for time and short on solutions, but dreading the painful process of resolution if an uncomfortable sales interaction is involved.  That seems even truer when you feel like you’re wading into unfamiliar water. And if you’ve never personally worked with an agency, that water can seem a little murky and uncertain–we get it!

So with this post, we hope to show how (and why) we approach face-to-face meetings at Fresh Summit differently than how you might think a first-time meeting with a traditional marketing agency might go. We know your #1 purpose for being at Fresh Summit is to elevate your products and services to expo attendees, and we respect the time and attention you give to anything outside of that.

Meeting with DMA Solutions at Fresh Summit 2019

Our #1 goal during a potential client meeting at Fresh Summit is to BE HELPFUL, NOT SALESY. That’s it.  We know we can’t sell you the right services without understanding your business better, so rest assured that you are not walking into a hard sell situation with us.

Of course, if you are new to DMA, we’ll answer all your questions and share about ourselves so you have necessary context about the work we do, who we are as a team, and our relationship with the industry. However, during our time together, we mostly want to hear from you! Having done this for a year or two (or, you know, 15….), we have a lot of appreciation for marketers who fight the good fight every day to validate their budgets, validate their efforts and most importantly – validate their results. You know your company best, along with the marketing roadblocks you face.  We want to understand those challenges (big AND small) and formulate the full picture before conjuring up meaningful recommendations on how we can support you.

Because our services range from comprehensive strategy and management retainers (covering branding, content, design, coding, photography, social media, PR and more) to budget-friendly manpower on short-term marketing projects, no two client portfolios look the same.  So a stock sales pitch is unrealistic for both of us.

Time is precious at any tradeshow, and PMA has provided a lot of great reasons to have a packed schedule at Fresh Summit.  But if you’ve been trying to figure out how to launch some new marketing activations, come up with more regular social content, get your story out to media or improve some outdated brand assets, we would love to be a no-pressure meeting on your schedule that you are looking forward to having!

We sincerely hope you feel encouraged to reach out any time by phone or email if Fresh Summit is not a good time for a face-to-face meeting to talk through what solutions DMA can provide for your biggest marketing challenges.

Ready to get that totally relaxed meeting booked? Contact us here and we’ll give you a call to finalize a date and time.

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