Gifts of 2020

You’ve lived through, read about and reminisced about the negatives we experienced in 2020, but have you thought about the great gifts the year brought us as well?  We’ve outlined 20 optimistic and positive lessons learned in 2020 to close last year once and for all, take what we learned and put them into motion in 2021 and beyond.

The Gifts of 2020

  1. Like rules, perhaps plans are meant to be broken. 
  2. Who has time for burnout?
  3. You’ll get through it.
  4. Have a bad day or two, then roll up your sleeves and progress.
  5. Get back to basics and execute using common sense.
  6. Lean on your network, your peers, your family, your friends.
  7. Stand up for what you believe and own it.
  8. Pretty sure we’re all not as “in control” as we thought we were.
  9. It’s ok to have boundaries.  Pleasing everyone is so 2019.
  10. We grow the most from our worst days, not necessarily the best.
  11. The time at home really was time well spent in the grand scheme.
  12. Say what you need to say and be ready to really listen to someone else’s perspective.
  13. Slow down.
  14. No matter what, we really are all in this “life” thing together.
  15. Take more walks and breathe fresh air more often.
  16. Animals are basically people too.
  17. When forced, people will find a way to connect.
  18. We can celebrate just as big in smaller groups.
  19. Find a way to be present and intentional with your time.
  20. No matter how bad it gets, find gratitude in all of it.  

We hope you had the best that the holiday season could offer and look forward to health and your version of happiness in 2021!