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As president of DMA Solutions, Megan guides the daily business operations and oversees the company’s growth and client service excellence. She is fiercely loyal to the fresh produce industry and is extremely passionate about ensuring people have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other life-giving sources of food.

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It's very true that at DMA, we believe anyone who makes a conscious decision to be a leader can step into the role. In fact, we've seen it happen many times over inside our business and out. And to be brutally honest, not all leaders are good ones (yep, I said it) but the ones who are, have these six things in common...
As a team of marketing operations professionals, we receive calls and emails weekly from creative professionals seeking employment at DMA, which has us thinking, are you receiving similar calls and emails?  Do marketers know how to vet a creative designer or team before hiring them for a project or to join the company?  Before you hire a creative designer, read this list of questions you must ask to make sure you find the right fit for your brand and our team.
Brands often overlook the importance of creating, having, and sharing a simple messaging guide that explains the who, why, and what for a company or brand.  We believe that branding and messaging are the right places for marketers to start when considering "how to improve marketing efforts" before spending money on other typical marketing activations. Here are the benefits you might expect to receive as a result of having a messaging guide created for your company or brand.
If you are a marketer who finds themselves regularly annoyed when on the receiving end of marketing activations like emails, advertisements or items in the mail, you likely think marketing is evil.