How Important is Halloween to Your Marketing?

Halloween is this week, which means the eating season is here. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Super Bowl – the list of eating occasions goes on and on. To be successful, it’s imperative to have a strategic marketing plan in place. Don’t let the first holiday of the season creep by without taking action! 

We’ve gathered insights, data analytics, and trends surrounding the holiday to set you up for success this season

Organic Search Interest Over Time

If you’re asking yourself how Halloween impacts strategic marketing plans, look at the data. You can learn so much useful information by looking at Google Trends and analytics. Utilizing these tools is key to understanding the peaks and valleys of consumer trends. First, take a look at organic search interest over time. For example, if you analyze trends around “Halloween recipes” over the course of 5 years, you’ll see spikes in October around this specific search topic. This tells you that consumers are actively seeking out information, which gives you the golden opportunity to offer them some answers.

Search Data Breakdown by State

Next, take the search criteria a step further and look at the data over time. With this, we can see that the top 10 states that searched “Halloween recipes” are Kansas, Utah, Connecticut, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin. You can use this information to really hone in on those areas and become even more intentional with geo-targeting and other tactics to engage with consumers. 

Search Data Breakdown by Topic

If we look at other commonly searched topics in alignment with “Halloween recipes,” we’re able to gain deeper insight into similar areas of interest on this topic. Again, this is something that can be used to further improve your marketing strategy by aligning your efforts with what consumers actually want.

  1. Halloween recipes for kids
  2. Halloween food recipes
  3. Halloween recipes for adults
  4. Recipes for Halloween treats
  5. Easy Halloween recipes for parties

These topics will help you craft content that is useful to consumers and therefore improves your marketing results. This type of intel is also important to consider when planning for future marketing activations. 

Now What?

With this information, you have the control to plan your communications accordingly!  Use the data to tailor your email, social media content, advertising, and website to exactly what consumers need and want.

Need help getting your holiday marketing plans going? Reach out and schedule a call with our team!