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Jessica Schneider

Jessica’s practical problem solving, supportive nature, and vibrant style of communication makes her an ideal member of the public relations team at DMA. In addition to this, her keen ability to understands the needs and feeling of others and deep sincerity makes her not only a valuable manager, but also advocate for her team and clients.

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Not only does working with the right PR team help round out your marketing efforts and maximize your reach, but it can also make your life a little easier! Here’s how an effective PR agency can support you when handling media relations, company announcements and press releases, crisis communications, influencer coordination, event support and more.
At DMA Solutions, because we are focused on elevating food brands, one of the public relations successes we are able to report to our clients is when one of our media pitches results in a product request. Here are a few reasons why product requests have power!
Similar to email marketing, website visits, social media likes, comments, and shares, and of course public relations placements, advertising can (and should be) measured to ensure your efforts are working as well as proving to be successful. So, how do you measure the success of your advertising strategy? We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and rounded up four metrics to keep an eye on when it comes to advertising analytics.
As social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok continue to gain popularity and engagement, influencer content across the board is becoming more and more seen, AND crucial. To emphasize and elevate the value an investment in influencer marketing can make, we’ve rounded up the top 5 things that you should know about influencer marketing right now.
As marketers, it is important to regularly measure stats and analytics to gauge how our efforts and strategies are excelling or falling behind.
What does marketing success look like for fresh produce, and who is doing a better job of marketing - the retailer or the brand? Find out our take in this post.
Not everyone enjoys Thanksgiving as much as you think. Here are ways to use the reality of the season and empathy to better engage with consumers.
Set your team of for holiday season success by kicking off with Halloween analytics and marketing strategy.
Looking for planning tips to help you optimize your marketing efforts for the upcoming holiday season? Look no further!
Ignite your creative thinking with these simple steps.