Top 5 Stats To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

As marketers, it is of the utmost importance to regularly measure stats and analytics to gauge how our efforts and strategies are either excelling or falling behind. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing if you are actually creating awareness for your brand. An easy way to do this is through monthly reporting! A monthly report gives you and your team not only a great pulse check each month but also provides a record of your performance that you can look back on later to see what worked and what didn’t. 

We rounded up the top 5 stats you should know each month to ensure your marketing efforts are on track. The key here is consistent reporting on these areas! 

Website Visits  

Analyzing website visits enables you to see when there is higher or lower traffic on your brand’s site. These spikes and/or valleys indicate if a tactic you’ve employed to drive traffic to the website is working or not. This is also a great point of reference during slower months or seasons to see if people are visiting your site without marketing in the mix. Furthermore, if you are in the middle of a promotion, this statistic will tell you if your efforts are working.

Top Page Views

Knowing the top pages viewed each month is important because it tells you where people are going on your website. This is also crucial in determining if certain marketing activations are working. For example, if you have a boosted social media post encouraging clicks to a certain page, you can see if that specific post is resonating with consumers or not! With this knowledge, you can pivot and adjust (if needed) each month to meet your goals.

Email Performance

Looking at email performance can help you create more engaging content for your brand. If you have a high email open rate, you can conclude that your subject lines are working well! On the flip side, if your open rate is low, you might need to adjust that messaging. The same goes for CTRs (click-through rates)! If you notice a certain email received a high CTR, it means you successfully created content with which your shoppers want to interact with. We typically see video and photos do well for increasing email CTRs.

*** A great way to measure the above stats is through a CRM platform. More on that here!

Social Media

In addition to social media content driving traffic to the website, it can also build consumer brand awareness which can be measured through community size. Content success is also seen through higher likes, comments, and shares (engagements). By reporting on your social media efforts each month, you can see what content is working and what might need tweaking.

Public Relations

Taking a look at your public relations performance each month is a great way to see how your brand is holding up in the media. For our specific industry, we look closely at trade media impressions and placements to get a better understanding of how the brand is being perceived by other produce professionals. If you are experiencing lower placement pick-up, this might be due to a lack of communication with the trade or over-saturation. We’ve seen that sending too many press releases can result in fewer pick-ups from the trade media. 

Of course, each brand and team is a little different, so there might be some discrepancies in which data you pull each month to best benefit your initiatives. The bottom line, recording and measuring the same statistic point each month is key to setting measurable strategies and goals. Interested in learning more about how to use these data points to measure your marketing efforts’ success? Contact us today – we’d be more than happy to help you!