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Jessie Donlon
Posted by Jessie DonlonJanuary 22, 2019 4:01 PM

You have likely heard the expression “consistency is key” in quite a few different scenarios. And for good reason: whether when learning something new, breaking a bad habit, or even when learning how best to work with others on your team, consistency is key in just about everything—the world of social media is no exception.

There are plenty of reasons why consistency in your social media strategy is a must, but as social platforms become even more crowded with users, brands, and content, consistency is becoming even more important. Furthermore, understand that while we advocate consistency in every aspect of your strategy, you can’t confuse consistency with redundancy! So if you haven’t yet bought into or even thought about how consistency can help your brand, there’s no time like the present.


Consistent Posting

Social media is fast-paced by nature, and content becomes obsolete quickly. That’s why posting regularly is so essential: if you go weeks between posts, it’s unlikely that your audience is seeing your message frequently enough for it to be memorable and make an impact. Now on the other hand, it’s also true that you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with posts, which can lead them to unfollow or block you. We recommend a happy medium: post several times per week (depending on the platform and your audience) and spread posts between social channels. It will take a bit of trial and error, but once you determine a posting cadence that is effective for reaching your target audience, stick with it!


Consistent Aesthetics

A consistent aesthetic provides your brand with a unique personality, which makes it easier for people to recognize your brand. Especially for platforms like Instagram that are all about photography, the imagery you present will shape your brand aesthetic. Having a specific and consistent aesthetic not only makes your brand more recognizable, but it also makes you more memorable. Whatever your aesthetic may be—clean, warm and friendly, silly, or serious—make sure that your content fits who you are as a brand and appeals to the audience your brand is serving and wanting to reach.  


Consistent Voice

Another way to stay consistent on your social media platforms is by using your brand’s specific voice. Your brand voice serves as the personality of your brand, and this should not change wildly from post to post. To determine your voice, you first need to decide who your target audience is and what exactly you want to portray about your brand. Do you want to be serious and to-the-point? Funny and lighthearted? Once your voice has been determined, you can use that voice across platforms, creating a personality that your audience will recognize and identify with.


To help your brand stay relevant and consistent, we’ve created free marketing resources like the 2019 Social Media and Produce Marketer’s calendars. We hope they serve you well throughout the new year!


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