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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamMarch 14, 2018 11:25 AM

It’s all about the ‘gram. With over 25 million business profiles on Instagram, capturing the attention of your audience is crucial to success, and that means you need to share interesting photos. You, our fresh produce marketer subscribers, have shared with us that you struggle to produce enough content for social media. To help, we’ve got some great tips here to navigate one of the more daunting types of content to consistently produce: EFFECTIVE Instagram photography.

Each month our team comes together for “DMA Instagram Day” - a non stop, incredibly messy, but full of creativity - marathon, to create photos for our clients.  Recently we have invested in equipment, education and training. These efforts have helped us to refine our practice to consistently capture images that engage audiences.  Give these tips a try to elevate your Instagram photos.

Start with Style

Each brand has a unique style that we must stay true to and that will guide us as we plan for and photograph images.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to style, it just needs to remain consistent! Make sure that you have a style guide or at least a style inspiration before you start.

Prepare a Plan

This is one of the most crucial steps in our Instagram Day process!  Creating a plan for each photograph allows us to plan our day as efficiently as possible - plus it helps us reduce waste by reusing product in multiple recipes whenever possible.  

Build It Up

This is my favorite tip because it can help you avoid problems and gives you a variety of options with minimal effort!  Don’t add in all the elements to your photo right away, rather add ingredients (or props) in stages, to give you a variety of photo options and ‘insurance shots’ ...just in case the final product doesn’t quite come together how you expected it to.


Instagram tips pic


ALL the Angles (and crops)

Whether the angle is overhead, from the side, or somewhere in between, each provides different benefits depending on what you are shooting.  Cropping is another element that can change the photo drastically. Take some photos further away, some a little closer - just give yourself options!  Take an extra minute (really, 60 seconds - that’s it!) to capture a few angles and a few crops, you’ll be surprised how often you fall in love with that image you almost didn’t take. 


Intagram pic tips 2


Go Deep

Depth of field is a term that basically boils down to how much of your photo is in focus.  Try focusing on the most important details and letting the rest go out of focus. This can be easily achieved with any DSLR camera, or your phone’s camera.  After 12 years of photography, I am still amazed by the fine details that can be captured and elevated, thanks to depth of field.   

 Instagram tips pic 3


Give these tips a try to help you achieve some amazing Instagram results!  If you’re looking for more guidance let us know, we’re happy to help! In fact, if you’re strapped for time, we can help take photos JUST like this for your brand. Drop us a line!

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