4 Reasons Product Requests Have the Power to Elevate Your Brand

In the world of public relations, brand wins look a little different than that of their traditional marketing counterparts. Unlike advertising or social media, PR does not always have analytics to back up the activities that ultimately prove success or ROI. At DMA Solutions, because we are focused on elevating food brands, one of the public relations successes we are able to report to our clients is when one of our media pitches results in a product request.  Much like the possibilities of a click-through on a website or a share on a social media post, a product request from a member of the media shows intent to do more.  In other words, receiving a product request from an editor as a result of a pitch is a huge step in the right direction.

Here are a few reasons why product requests have power:

Product requests prove genuine interest in the product.

You know your pitch made an impact when a product request is made by an editor.  When an editor requests a product, this shows that they read your email and have a genuine interest in trying the product. Even if they do not have a current story in mind to feature the product, this initial step is the perfect foot in the door for continuing conversation around the brand and what it has to offer the editor.

Product requests enable trial.  

Product requests also enable trial. Once someone tries something, (if they like it) they’re more likely to remember it later on. In media terms, if an editor tastes your product, likes it, and remembers it for an editorial piece months later, you’re in a healthy position. Just because they don’t have a story currently lined up to feature your product doesn’t mean one won’t come up in the future.

Product requests help build media relations.

Product requests not only introduce your product to an editor but also open the door for more conversation and interaction. While you may have only pitched one product, receiving a response from a well-respected editor opens the door to educating them on all of the other products your company has to offer. Media relationships are important because editors are bombarded with thousands of emails daily. If they know you, they’re more likely to respond to more of your pitches along with more product requests and placements.

Product requests can lead to further editorial opportunities.

As mentioned previously, product requests can lead to trial and eventually a media placement. More often than not we see editors interested in trying the product even if they don’t have a story lined up where it would be a fit. But how would they know it would be a good fit if they haven’t tried it?

Measuring public relations success isn’t always as obvious as other marketing mediums, but understanding the road it takes to garner a single media placement is a step in the right direction. While a product request may seem very preliminary, getting your product in the hands of a national media editor is a reason to celebrate!

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call! We’d be happy to brainstorm ways to get your product into the hands of editors.