How Media is Reacting to the New Normal And What That Means for Fresh Produce

Amid the current pandemic, there have been many changes taking place in our day-to-day lives. It’s no secret that we’ve now fallen into a new pattern of normalcy – working from home (for those who can), scheduling grocery delivery or making fewer physical trips to the store, social distancing from family and friends, Zoom happy hours, the way we cook, and so much more.


As we continue to navigate this new reality, it’s clear that more than just our daily routines are changing. In mid-March, when the shelter-in-place order began to unfold, the media began shifting their editorial to reflect these “new trends.” Stories were no longer about excitement around warmer weather activities and travel plans for summer. Rather, the opposite. More and more stories surrounding the ways to utilize your space at home for entertainment while restaurants, bars, gyms and offices remained closed took over our feeds and digital media content.


We’ve rounded up some articles that show this shift in progress and to give you an idea of just how different the media’s news cycles are now.  Ultimately, this will serve you when creating a pitch or editorial angle for weeks to come:


How to Work From Home


Virtual Happy Hours


At Home Fitness 


Minimal Ingredient Recipes 


Even Fashion is Changing 


So what does this mean for our industry? Fresh produce brands should EMBRACE this shift in the way we speak to writers we pitch and the people buying our products from store shelves! I believe brands are in a position to empathize with the shopper in a way we never have before. From social media and email content to adjusted pitch angles, there are a number of ways that fresh produce brands can utilize this time in history to further connect.  This will not only help brands stay top of mind, it will also foster development of deeper, more connected relationships with people in the long run.

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