How to Use the 2021 Calendars to Elevate Your Brand

If you thought 2020 went by in a flash, just imagine how we feel launching our 7th year of annual marketing calendars for our beloved Core readers (yes, that means you)! That’s right, the 2021 Social Media Marketer’s Calendar and the 2021 Produce Marketer’s Calendar are hot off the press and I’m going to tell you how to use them to elevate your brand in 2021 and beyond.

How to use the 2021 calendars to elevate YOUR brand:

Map Out Your Plan

Use the calendars to populate your communications plan for the New Year and beyond mapping out three to six months in advance. Since each calendar has 12 months of content included, this should give you and edge on getting started with marketing activations including weekly social media posts to website updates, photography needs and more.

Create Relevant Content

The benefit of the calendars is to help you speak fluidly about relevant topics that both consumers and trade audiences are likely thinking about on any given month. Using the Produce Marketer’s Calendar you can get ahead on your tradeshow and event planning (yes, even for virtual shows) to prepare your budgets and communications accordingly with the key dates we’ve plotted in the document.  

Reach New Audiences

Building a brand requires looking at both the audiences that DO consume our products those that don’t. Using the calendars, we are able to identify new and creative angles to attract both the people that we know and those that we don’t yet know in our path to purchase.

Access Marketing Tools

Just when you thought the calendars were the answer to your marketing prayers, the documents also include other resources that you may find valuable throughout the year, like our webinar series Marketing Matters. As the year goes on, so will the tools so be sure to check the links included in the document throughout 2021 as we update tools and information that we create to help YOU.

Timing Your Marketing Spend

Take your marketing budget to the next level from a cash flow perspective and plot your budget monthly based on how much you will spend and when you will spend it. Using the calendars, you can gain access to the times of year and key dates when you usually spend your marketing dollars to help you plot expenses and produce a budget.

What else can you do with these marketing calendars in tow? Download them for free and let us know your thoughts!

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