Marketing Is Evil

This is a shocking statement, I know, but if you think about it, how many times in the last month have you been annoyed by an advertisement or an email you received from a marketer?  You know it and I know it. You think that marketing is evil.

The fact is, many people think marketing is evil and as people that manage the stuff on a daily basis, it makes it all the more important to get it right when we do it.  

Is Your Marketing Evil?

This is a good question to ask ourselves and dive into the topic deeper.  If your marketing is interruptive or spam laden, perhaps you are breaking the code of ethics that all marketers swear to abide by when taking the oath.  Just kidding, there is no oath but there is such thing as good marketing.

Good marketing isn’t evil.  In fact, good marketing is welcomed and preferred over its evil counterpart.  Good marketing identifies the weakness (or the opportunity) and offers up a helpful solution.  It hears and sees the problem and says, “I got you,” at the very moment when the recipient needs it most.

Good marketing is well received, clicked on and full of results that make both the marketer and the customer feel satisfied with the overall experience.  In fact, really good marketing often doesn’t even feel like “marketing” at all!  Rather than forced or filled with salesy messages, really good marketing is natural, expected and dare I say, personal.

When was the last time you received a marketing message, email, advertisement or phone call from a business that made you feel understood?  It happens from time to time but in my opinion, not near enough as it should.

Take our Marketing Matters webinar series, for example.  After years of collecting data from our blog readers, we learned more about the topics and types of content that they wanted to receive and we answered the call with the webinar solution.  Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve hosted hundreds of fresh produce marketers at least once a month to come together, learn and share marketing best practices on their terms… not ours.

Which leads me to the big question you’ve been asking yourself while reading this post…do people really think your marketing is evil? It depends. 

Are you tracking analytics on a regular basis to understand what types of content your audience wants to receive?  Are you really listening to the signals you’re encountering on social media channels or on your company website to help you serve your customers better and make your marketing good?  Are you asking your audiences questions to help you, help them?

As we prepare for the holiday season ahead, make sure you spend the month of September preparing for a really good, angelic-like October, November and December from a marketing perspective.  Dig into the details with your analytics and embrace a servant marketer state of mind.  Execute with this attitude in Q4 and change your evil ways, marketer.  

Want to get down to business and transform your marketing for the better?  Our foundational marketing services can help.