Now May Be the Time for PR

Whether you were hoping to launch a new product, showcase a refreshed logo or just craving some face-to-face time with suppliers and companies, the news of the virus and canceled trade shows have most likely caused companies to wonder what the next right move is. While we certainly aren’t recommending any heavy sales messaging on social platforms during this time, you don’t have to take a back seat and miss out on showcasing your company and products to the world – you may just need public relations. We have some tangible ideas to help you get started.


PR Options In Lieu of Canceled Trade Shows  


Press release 

Although it feels like the world has stopped turning, the reality is, it hasn’t (especially in the industry we work in). People are talking about food, fresh produce and grocery stores more than ever, which means this is still a great time to send a press release to trade media. If you check out any of the trade publication’s websites (AndNowUKnow, The Packer, Etc.) you’ll see that your news is still a fit. 

If you can’t showcase your new product as planned at a trade show, a press release is a great route to take. People still care and want to hear about the strides your company is making. New products, new initiatives, even if your announcement is just to update trade media on the safety precautions put in place, put together a press release. Just because you’re self-isolating, doesn’t mean your news has to as well. 


Media pitching 

Another great option to get your news out to the public is through media pitching. If you’re wondering how this differs from a press release, allow me to explain. When you send a press release, you control the message and oftentimes publications will either directly share the release or make minor changes to fit the style of the publication. With a media pitch, you’re giving the editor a bite of the news and allowing them to run with the story. A media pitch can lead to a more organic and less formal article, especially if you trust the editor and publication. But before you start drafting the pitch, there are two audiences you’ll want to consider – trade and consumer. 

For the trade audience, they understand your internal fresh produce lingo and jargon. Pitch trade publications your new product, your rebranded products, company or industry news. For the consumer audience, the focus needs to be on the consumer. With all the crazy news swirling right now, the Oprah Magazine may not read your pitch about a new hire at your company, but they would care about the tasty new product you’ve created that they can snag at grocery stores today. 


Crisis communications

I know many of you are seeing the words “crisis communications” and thinking it’s too late. It’s not. There is still time to draft empathetic and comforting messaging to update both your customers and potentially consumers on how your company is handling this crisis – especially because it changes so rapidly week to week. . Whether that be in an email, through social media or a press release, your customers care to know the various steps you’re taking. DMA is offering a free communications consultation to help talk through messaging and options to any company feeling stuck or overwhelmed as to how to handle this situation. 

Life never goes as planned, does it? Just because the virus and shutdowns weren’t on the agenda, don’t assume that you need to close the door on sharing all of your company’s hard work. People are needing and talking about food and fresh produce more than ever. We’re fortunate enough to work in an industry that is on the front lines of supporting people’s immune systems with safe and healthy food. We can’t afford to take a back seat. 


Needing some help with your crisis communications messaging? Let us help. Schedule a free communications session with DMA today.