Positioning Your Brand as a Resource to Media Outlets

To stand out amongst the noise of the crowded marketplace of new products and innovation, it’s imperative to have a sound plan in place when positioning your brand as a resource to the media. Media outlets are always looking for a new story angle – a new product, a twist to a tried-and-true process, updated packaging, or data on the latest and greatest trends. As mentioned previously, we traveled to NYC earlier this year to hear first-hand how to position our brands as a resource to consumer publications – here are a few things we learned.

Have an updated media kit.

A media kit is a one-stop shop for editors. A well-rounded kit includes your brand’s history and background, brief bios of key thought leaders within the organization, product descriptions, logos and current press releases. By having all of these resources in one place, it makes the editor’s life a little easier – which in turn, increases your chances of being published in their publication.

Include high resolution images.

When pitching your brand for a news story or editorial piece, make sure you include high resolution images of the branded product. Since we live in a digital world, the content that editors put together have the chance of being printed or placed online. If you are lacking high-res imagery, you are running the risk of not being published even if an editor thoroughly enjoys your brand and thinks your product would make a great fit for their story.

Be ready for follow-ups.

Once you have successfully positioned your brand to the media and have been selected for the editors’ story, be ready and available! If you pitched new products, be ready to send samples of the new products so the editor can try them for themselves and/or photograph for their story. If you pitched a key thought leader in your organization for a people-centered article, make sure that individual is prepped to answer questions to build out a more robust story.

Since media outlets work on hard and fast deadlines, it’s best to get as much information to the editors in one swift manner. However, our biggest piece of advice is to be as helpful as possible when working with the media. When you’re helpful first, you can accomplish much more! Want more advice on how to position your brand as a resource? Feel free to tweet us at @TheCoreBlog or @sarahbockholtpr!