Serving Shoppers with Value Added Content

People are becoming more aware and conscientious of what is being shared and therefore have less tolerance for content that is not adding a benefit to their lives.  What can brands do in response? 

As brand marketers, we can use our content to provide value to our audience and connect with them on a deeper, more intimate level.  Here’s how…

Serving Shoppers with Value Added Content

2020 taught us that even in the toughest of times, social media is a place where audiences turn to for inspiration. After a year full of crowded social landscapes, many people are becoming increasingly fed up with the “noise” of social media. This means that in 2021, it is especially important for brands to focus on providing value to their audiences!  You can do this by simply sharing content that is helpful, relevant and aligned with current trends

Another thing 2020 taught us is that when it comes to social media, sometimes silence is golden! When there is not an opportunity to provide value to your audience, sometimes it is best to stay silent and allow important conversations to take place that don’t require the voice of a social media brand.

It is necessary to note that providing value includes more than sharing relevant recipes (though it certainly can and should include this), it is really about connecting to what your audience may be experiencing! 

Examples of relevant and timely content

The Back to Basics promotion was created at the beginning of the pandemic, when families were first adjusting to life at home and taking care of children while also working full-time. California Giant used this time to share ways for people to make the most of their new lifestyle at home providing easy recipes for the kids, tips on how to be the parent and teacher, and even how to stay active while inside! 


California Giant also created a singular Instagram flash promotion to recognize graduates who weren’t able to have a normal graduation celebration by giving them a shoutout on Instagram and the opportunity to win a prize! This is a great example of catering to what your audience is currently experiencing and creating a personal relationship by connecting to your audience on an emotional level.

A bit of a different example of providing value to your audience is shown through Duda’s Hands Behind the Harvest posts. In a world where the consumer has been known to have increased interest in where their food comes from, Duda is opening the curtain and teaching shoppers how the vegetables that they love show up in the grocery store and eventually on their plates. This empathetic approach showcases Duda’s humble culture, making them more relatable while showcasing the “family-farm”. 

Looking at these examples, you can see that there are many different ways in which your brand can add  value to your audience by being thoughtfully helpful and relevant. If you want to continue connecting with the people that follow you and to continue expanding your reach beyond those followers this year and beyond, your #1 social media goal should be to use your content and voice to be helpful and relatable. 

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