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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamJune 15, 2018 10:00 AM

First of all, props on taking the first step to make such an important decision for your brand. Creating a logo is no easy feat, and we’re sure there’s a new level of excitement buzzing around your office now that the logo is ready to unveil to the world. While the building blocks are being set into place to fully align your brand’s identity with a consistent aesthetic, there are other steps you can think through to get the ball rolling. Here’s what to consider next:


Update Your Packaging and/or Labels

It’s best to think through your plan for packaging and label updates prior to beginning a logo redesign project, as it can take some time before all of your packaging can be updated. A new logo gives you a great opportunity to make updates to other parts of your packaging and labels and replace with relevant information. You’ll need to include all required industry information, but you can also consider other updates that will add value to your packaging, like adding social media information, website information, or recipe and/or promotion URLs.  


Take a look at the competitive landscape when it comes to your packaging. Now is the perfect time to consider changes to the type of packaging or shape/cut of your labels to set your brand a part. Here are some great packaging trends for 2018 you may want to consider! 


Update Your Digital Assets

While this is the quickest way to show off your new logo and acclimate both consumers and trade partners to your company’s newest asset, you will want to consider your packaging timing before updating all of your digital assets. Once your new packaging and/or labels are ready to make their debut in stores, you’ll need to update your website and blog, social media platforms, ads, etc. But first – ask yourself how the new logo will affect the design of your website. If you made a simple refresh, this will likely be an easy transition and opportunity to make several updates. However, if you completely redesigned your logo and made a dramatic change, a new website might be the first step you need to take now that you have a new logo. This process can take time, so consider this timing before moving on to the next step:


Include Your New Logo/Branding in a Press Release

While we don’t recommend sending a press release solely to present a new logo, we do recommend fitting your logo into a press release telling a broader story about your brand. For example, you can announce that you are unveiling newly branded packaging at an upcoming tradeshow along with a new line of products. If you’re creating a new website, you can announce the new website and logo and tie it in with a story about your company’s 100th anniversary. North Shore Living Herbs and California Avocado Commission both serve as good examples of how to approach this announcement. 


As marketers we want to congratulate you for all of your hard work creating your new logo. We know this is a tough process! If you think it’s time to start a logo refresh or rebranding project for your brand, we’d love to help. We help brands like yours with logo refreshes, new product logos, company rebrands and everything in between! We know how to help you navigate this crucial conversation with your leadership team to bring a new brand to life.  


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