Spring Clean Your Marketing Assets

Spring Clean Your Marketing Assets

It’s time to put away the gloves, winter coats, and Ugg slippers and welcome the start of a fresh season! As the spirit of spring cleaning sets in, we can attest that there’s more to tidy up for the sake of productivity beyond desk drawers and break room appliances. From one team of marketers to another, we recommend starting with a deep clean of the following marketing assets for a refreshed, clearer vision of where you are headed for the rest of the year.

Refresh Your Website

As daunting of a task as it may seem, maintaining an updated and visually appealing website that adeptly exhibits your products or services is vital for sustaining long-term success. Similar to the ever-evolving trends in fashion, food, and aesthetics, refining the digital copy and visual elements of your website enhances the ability for meaningful connections to be established between your brand and your audience through a thoughtfully shaped and polished online presence.

So, here’s your cue to take a step back and examine for signs that your website needs a refresh. Ask yourself:

  • “Are visitors ‘bouncing’ from the site quickly?” (Is your bounce rate high)
  • “How is your website traffic?”
  • “Does our website highlight an informative blog with key terms to maximize SEO?”
  • “Is our website optimized for all screen sizes?”
  • “Is all product and service information up-to-date and effectively communicating value?

These questions serve as a great starting point in gauging proficiency of your existing website, as well as indicators of where you may want to focus your updates. If you need a little more help discerning what your website needs, let us help you! Our team of website gurus can review your website, and provide actionable next steps.

Spruce Up Your Social Media

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that on average, Facebook removes 1.3 billion fake accounts quarterly. We’re following suit this spring by unfollowing and removing “spammy” or inactive accounts from our feeds and followers, organizing and archiving outdated posts, updating profile information, and reviewing privacy settings across all social media profiles. We’d recommend that for Pinterest specifically, you “purge” your boards by deleting old and unengaging content, follow relatable boards and pinners, and even combine boards with similar themes into one to enhance your Pinterest accounts appeal to consumers. You’ll see that a routine social media tidy up can work wonders in optimizing follower engagement and solidifying a cohesive brand presence across online platforms!

Scrub Your Internal Resources

Do former employees still have access to social accounts or CRM platforms? Double check your admin roles and consider changing passwords if you think it will enhance security. At DMA, we’re working on cleaning out our personal inboxes, spam folders and saved files to clear up space. Also, evaluate if you’ve accumulated any clutter on shared drives that may become overwhelming or limit productivity. Electing someone to take on the task of cleaning up existing files can streamline workflows, reduce unnecessary congestion, and help acclimate the whole team to a unified shared system. Plus, by prioritizing these commonly neglected file cleanups, the whole team is equipped to seamlessly onboard future team members. Ultimately, an orderly internal space empowers you to optimize your marketing ROI by enabling effective focusing of resources on strategies and materials that resonate with your audience and lead to conversions.

Once the whirlwind of cleaning chaos settles, the air (and anxieties) will dissipate with it. Don’t think of it as a chore – rather a wise investment of time that will set your company and team up for ongoing success. Need an extra hand getting your spring cleaning kicked off? Our team is ready to roll up our sleeves and scrub until your marketing assets are sparkling clean!