Squid Game: Will Your Email Make The Cut?

Let’s play a game. I will now explain the instructions of the game.  You have one email to send to a 500 person list of recipients. Who will open the email? Who will click on the email? In this game, you must optimize your email to win.


Here are some tips to make sure your email survives the game.

Include a “Friendly From”

Are your emails coming from a random or long-winded sales email? For example, instead of “Jake From State Farm,” your recipients are seeing “jstate@gmail.com.” Who is that? Will I click on it? Probably not because it looks like spam – into the trash bin it goes. Instead, utilize an easier “Friendly From” for audiences to know who exactly is sending them information. It’s even better if they get to know a little bit of what the email is about. For example:

  • “Gap – Back To School”
  • “DMA Solutions – The Core”
  • ” Apple – Phones”


Revisit Your Subject Line

This year at the 2021 INBOUND conference, we sat in on an email marketing session that was all about subject lines. We gathered some key takeaways and insights from this session to help you better reach and connect with your email audience.  

  • Use comparisons in the email subject line
  • Create anticipation with ellipses 
    • Example: “The best way to organize is…”
  • Bookend your subject line with emojis (but don’t go crazy)
    • Example: “⏰Our sale is ending soon⏰”
  • Offer your readers a list to review – they like them
    • Example: “5 reasons you should be dressing up for Halloween”
  • Keep your email subject line to the point
    • Example: Any of the above!


Tweak Your Message

When your email messaging is all about you, perhaps you’re missing an opportunity to truly connect with the reader of your email?  Remember, the reader is the protagonist of your story. With a length of (ideally) no more than 200 words, your email copy should get straight to the point and remind the reader that your product or service is the solution to their problem. Readers want to know what’s in it for them so if you’re not able to show that in your body copy, your list of readers will dwindle. 

Include a CTA

Now that you’ve shown compassion toward your reader’s problem, including a “call to action” is the next logical step. Your CTA should be a clear, concise solution like “Buy Now,” or “Click Here.” Try to stay away from vague words like “Learn More,” if you can. Tell them a direct, easy step they can take toward their goal to get them at the bottom of your funnel. 

Other strategies to get your readers to click:

  • Create urgency – “Buy Now!”
  • Instigate intrigue – “Sale on Our Services”
  • Use pronouns – “Show Me How To Impress”

The game is now complete. Hopefully, by implementing these strategies, you’ll have more email conversions than there are Squid Game winners! If you think your email copywriting or your strategy needs some help, get on a call with us to strategize how we can get the results you want.