Stats that Prove: Why You Should be Marketing to Gen Z

For the past few years, your newsfeed has likely been dominated by conversations around millennials, but that is about to change: Gen Z is here!  As fresh produce marketers, it is wise to start learning about this emerging generation, how they like to be spoken to, and how you can best tailor your approach to reach them.

Marketing to Generation Z

Unique from their predecessors, Gen Z-ers thrive in a digitally dominated world that is always connected. Born between 1995 and 2010, this cohort is entering the workforce and starting to make buying decisions that you should be aware of. Take a look at some highlights on this generation: 

  • They have an entrepreneurial spirit and are motivated to effect change.  Marketing Stats that Prove-Generation Z-DMA Solutions-2
  • Most are money-conscious, and opt to use mainly cash and debit cards.
  • Given that they were born into a world of high-speed internet and rapid advances in technology, digital is practically in their DNA.
  • Gen Z is always streaming: music, video, social media…they do it all, all the time!
  • They embrace the digital advertising world and do not view targeted ads as negative.

Want to learn more about Gen Z and gain insight into how can tailor your marketing efforts to this unique group? Download our latest edition of Stats that Prove to acquaint yourself with the next generation of buyers and help guide your marketing efforts!


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