There are so many marketing opportunities for fresh early in the year. Our #FebFanFest took a close look to analyze the events during February to see where fresh comes into play.
Despite increases we’ve seen in specific categories, fresh produce is continually consumed at a relatively flat rate. However, based on this flat consumption rate—in addition to the current health crisis—it is clearthat fresh produce is far from meeting its potential—that’s where marketing comes in.
The cultural phenomenon that is the KonMari lifestyle at its core involves “tidying up” your environment by examining every aspect and asking yourself, “Does this spark joy?” As a marketer, here's how this movement can influence your strategy.
We joined with other fresh produce industry marketers for 2 days of camaraderie, collaboration, brainstorming, and the sharing of thought-provoking ideas and challenges. That is what the United Fresh BrandStorm Conference is all about! Here’s our take on BrandStorm 2019.
With 2020 on the horizon, now is the ideal time to start thinking about how you want your brand to look and what you want to have accomplished as we enter a new decade. Here are 6 marketing projects you may want to consider adding to your 2019 to-do list:
According to that same survey, this year’s most common Super Bowl ad themes were celebrity spokespeople (23%), robots (16%), and helping others (14%). In addition to the above, here are the Super Bowl advertising trends that stood out to us in 2019.
2019 is full of food trends to help elevate your social media, PR, marketing, and overall business plan. From leading trends to foodie events and chef and influencer insights, our 2019 Food Trends is the ultimate one-stop resource for going viral this year.
Without marketing, companies are left operating as commodities or trade names. The alternative—fresh produce companies that embrace a brand-worthy approach to marketing—believe in the power that brands have to provide something of value to their buyers, to consumers, and to the industry as a whole.
Interested in strengthening your strategy in 2019 while also getting a little more shut-eye? Here are three tips to help you market in your sleep.
CPG invests in marketing, and they align their marketing budgets to sales performance. CPG brands' marketing spend ranges anywhere from 6-14% of revenue! While we're not suggesting that percentage is necessary for fresh produce, we advocate correlating marketing spend to sales.