Tour De Fresh

Blown away by this year's Fresh Summit? So were we! Here's What Blew Us Away (#WBUA) about the innovation and personalities showcased at Fresh Summit 2019.
A recap on the 2019 Tour de Fresh ride hosted by the California Giant Foundation to raise money for salads bars in schools.
If you haven’t yet heard about Tour de Fresh from trade media, allow us to share more about why you should add this event to your 2019 sponsorship plans.
This year's Tour de Fresh ride has moved across the country and aims to raise $275,000 for salad bars in schools around the United States.
Why would Brock decide to cycle 275 miles through elevation and terrain changes on the California coast? It’s all for a town in Michigan called Jackson! Find out how Brock’s commitment and journey along the coast will increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in this Midwest town.