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Megan Zweig
Posted by Megan ZweigJune 23, 2020 5:32 PM

Now that our first-ever virtual tradeshow is in the books, fresh produce marketers and sales teams have an opportunity to continue to unite and work together to follow up with business leads and drive sales.


As a first-time virtual tradeshow exhibitor, you may or may not be familiar with the opportunities that a virtual event like United Fresh LIVE can offer after the live event is over.  We hope to help you strategize and capitalize on behalf of your brand with this list of recommendations:


1. Follow Up on Lingering Chats

The chat function in the United Fresh booth portal was essential in hosting discussion with booth visitors throughout the show.  Take this opportunity to take inventory of the chats you hosted in the booth and follow up with your prospects via email. 

2. Utilize Booth Analytics

Hallelujah and thank you United Fresh for providing access to a rich database of information from the show.  Armed with this data, exhibitors are able to see not only who visited the booth, but the number of times they were in the booth and the amount of time spent.  As if that weren’t enough, exhibitors are able to see the tabs that visitors clicked on while in the booth.

3. Employ an Email Marketing Strategy

Often we find that marketers can be quite squeamish when it comes to employing email marketing to connect with customers on a regular basis.  We often hear things like, “People receive so many emails, I don’t want to clutter up their inbox with more junk.”  Your email is not junk.  In fact, with more B2B marketers utilizing email marketing, people are becoming more accustomed to looking to email to ignite a business conversation. 

If you’re still on the fence, join the DMA team this week for a webinar titled, “Why Email is Your Greatest Marketing Asset” to explore this topic further - for FREE Register here.

4. Share Show Content on LinkedIn

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve noticed, LinkedIn is the place to be for fresh produce marketers seeking to connect.  Now with our collective customer pool unable to travel, it is imperative as marketers that we figure out a way to stay front and center in their minds and computer screens when seeking a solution.  Sharing posts about your new products and/or upgraded services and giving them a boost from an advertising perspective on LinkedIn is a great way to get your information seen after the show is over.

LinkedIn B2B Graphic

5. Engage with Published Content on LinkedIn

Hooray for LinkedIn getting two mentions in our post today!  It is important as fresh produce marketers that we remember to pull as much as we push when marketing on social media.  If you aren’t familiar with this notion, I’d be happy to explain more but in a nutshell, this concept of pulling is a more complicated term for “listening”.  Marketers must listen to industry colleagues on LinkedIn and engage.   By doing so, you not only elevate your own brand but your company’s as well.

We give out a lot of advice here on The Core Blog, but we’re always interested in what you have to share and know what you’re doing that is unique from a marketing perspective.  If you’re ever interested in our team giving you some time on the books to strategize or just brainstorm, we’d be delighted to huddle!  These days are unique and we need to stick together as marketers to continue to win.  Email us at to get some time booked with our team!

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