Why We Love Our Influencers

Robin Williams once sang, “You ain’t never had a friend like me.” Little did we know that 16 years later, marketers would be saying the same thing about influencers—they have quickly become the “genie” to our Aladdin!

You ain’t never had a friend like me!


In our opinion, influencers are one important piece of the “magic” that fresh produce companies had long been missing in terms of generating brand awareness. In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, here are a few of the many reasons we love and appreciate our influencer partners:

Influencers bridge the gap from marketers to consumers

Influencers have become an integral aspect of successful marketing plans, and it is even more crucial than ever to engage with consumers on social platforms. Thankfully, our influencers are helping companies bridge the gap and engage with consumers by offering multiple channels of engagement and furthering brand presence—and all while doing so through a source that tends to be viewed as more trustworthy than brand-generated content. Influencers allow people to see a product or brand through the eyes of a fellow consumer (rather than advertisers), encouraging trust and, down the line, purchases.


Influencers authentically engage with brands

Authenticity is something you just can’t buy (though we must say, it’s worth its weight in gold!). And truly, brand advocates who have honest, down-to-earth conversations about your products can lead directly to new customers. Shoppers want to know that when considering investing their money in a product, they are getting their information from an actual person who believes in that product—not a compensated “robot” who is willing to promote anything in order to make money. (Note: this is one of the reasons we extol the importance of finding the right fit for your brand—and part of why we love microinfluencers!)

Influencers who go above and beyond do so by remaining true to who they are—and in the process, influencing more people to love a brand they truly care about.


Influencers enhance social media communities

There’s a reason that “word of mouth” works so well: people are social creatures, and they love to try new things that have been recommended by a third-party. Let’s be honest: even for we marketers, it can feel like less of a gamble to try a new product that has already been vouched for by someone we trust. By simply talking about a product they believe in, Influencers help connect their communities to ours, driving new followers (read: potential brand advocates!) to our social channels in the process.


Influencers create beautiful content

#Goals much? Compared to the average consumer, influencers can use an iPhone and selfie-light ring (yes, that’s a thing) and generate photography that is significantly more visually appealing. Food influencers’ social media feeds often feature kitchens and recipe photos that truly could be the envy of any HGTV remodel—and their followers eat it up. Utilizing influencers’ creativity to produce unique content on behalf of your brand allows for content that is fresh, trendy, AND authentic—while also adhering to your brand standards. Ask anyone who has worked with influencers that are the right fit for their brand: the influencers’ value extends far beyond what’s written into the contract.


Last but not least, influencers choose us just as much as we choose them.

Let’s not forget that influencers have the power to pick and choose with whom they work, just like brands do. It’s important for brands to remember that there are myriad companies influencers could partner with, and many of them receive numerous requests to do exactly that. When influencers choose your brand to feature on their personal online platforms (and recommend to audiences they value), that’s a big compliment—and a testament to who you are as a brand.


At the end of the day, when your goal is to build a brand, it’s hard to beat the support of influential partners who go above and beyond to authentically capture and communicate the essence—and value—of your brand.


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Written by Core authors Kelly Olivieri and Jessica Schneider