10 Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Working

To say that social media marketing is a big job may just be the understatement of the week.  This evolving and necessary element to a successful and well-rounded marketing program is not only a time-consuming endeavor, but it can also become a nightmare of a job to defend if there isn’t a reporting mechanism in place to explain if your efforts are working – or not.  

If you fear that your social media marketing performance isn’t where it needs to be, take a look at the list below and consider a social media assessment to get your performance on track and reaping benefits for your company and your brand.

10 Reasons to Consider a Social Media Assessment

  1. You Don’t Have Established Social Media Goals – Gone are the days of posting to post!  A social media assessment can help you determine the goals you SHOULD be measuring on a monthly basis to defend your time and investment.
  2. You Haven’t Connected With the Right Audiences – A social media assessment will help you identify the target groups of people that are most likely to connect with your brand and find value in your products.   If you don’t know who you’re speaking to, you will not be successful when marketing on social media.
  3. Your Content Isn’t Right for Your Audience – Once you know who you’re speaking to, it is time to deliver the right content.  Your social media assessment will include content category recommendations to help guide your creative efforts to meet the immediate needs of your audiences.
  4. You Haven’t Considered an Advertising Strategy – A social media assessment will review your current performance to determine if a social media advertising strategy is right for you.
  5. You Don’t Know What Your Budget is – There is no such thing as an unlimited budget but there is such a thing as a limited budget that can yield results.  Your social media assessment will include recommended monthly spending by social media platform to help you spend your money in the right places and to yield results that support your goals.
  6. You Aren’t Engaging with Your Communities – Engagement is the ticket to overall social media success and yet so many companies haven’t yet figured out how to do it successfully!  Your social media assessment will outline engagement strategies that fit your audience categories and needs to draw them in and encourage activity with your brand.
  7. Your Content isn’t Receiving Engagement Back – If your performance is falling flat, a social media assessment is sure to help you grow to new heights in approximately 60 days.
  8. People Aren’t Aware of Your Brand – A social media assessment ultimately helps your brand elevate awareness to the people on social media networks that are eager to connect with a brand like yours.
  9. You Want to Drive Demand for Your Products, But Don’t Know How – When your social media performance is improved and relationships begin to take shape across your social media networks, greater demand for your products is an expected outcome.
  10. You Want to Prove to Customers that Your Brand Has Advocates – Do you dream of the day that your products are asked for by name in fresh produce departments?  Turn your dream into a reality with a well-planned and executed social media plan that starts with a social media assessment.  

Our social media team conducts social media assessments for fresh produce brands several times a year.  Our clients find that the process is simple yet yields big results for companies eager to improve overall social media marketing performance.  Can we help address your social media needs? Contact us to book a consultation and let’s work to put your social media marketing to work!