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Lauren Miller
Posted by Lauren MillerMay 28, 2020 6:00 AM

In a world where circumstances are changing daily, it can be hard to get a foothold on how to communicate with the media. Through our work as an agency, we’ve come to find national consumer media are still looking for light, positive content to fill the much needed space between the uncertain news and political coverage flooding our newsfeeds. 

While the world continues to get into a rhythm of this “new normal,” brands are also trying to  navigate what news to share to keep their name alive, while engaging with consumers. 


In light of this, and to offer our help, we’ve rounded-up some of the top angles we’re seeing win in PR when it comes to communicating with consumers. 

1. Stay-at-Home Recipes

With everyone staying at home due to the shelter in place orders, we’ve noticed consumer media taking a tonal shift in how they present food news and recipes. Rather than writing about all the food to “panic buy”,  editors are leveling up with consumers by offering editorial around recipes that are easy and convenient to make from home. A few criteria these angles have in common are 1) ingredients should likely be found in most pantries and 2) recipes should be something that the average cook can make in a typical home kitchen. 


2. Companies Doing Good Things 

Adweek said it best - “now is the time for brands to make strategic moves for loyalty and retention.” Over the past few months, we’ve noticed brands from fashion and home decor to delivery services and more doing a lot of good amid the current situation. This coverage from consumer media is “feel good” content amidst the constant pandemic news updates, but it’s highlighting brands that are truly stepping up to help, which proves these brands can be trusted even after things are “back to normal.” I’m sure many of your companies are already doing great things during this time, and now is not the time to be shy with that news!


3. Copy-Cat Recipes From Fav Restaurants

One of the difficulties that come with social distancing is the disruption of restaurant culture and dining out. It didn’t take long for people at home to begin clamoring for their favorite recipes from restaurants and figuring out how to create a copy-cat dish at home.


Navigating the news cycle is always an undertaking, but now even more so. Brands can look to insert themselves into the current conversation with our tips above. When all else fails, reach out to your go-to media contact and see what it is they’re writing about and what their publication is looking to cover.If you don’t have a media contact to reach out to, we talk to editors at major publications every day and would love to help. 

Schedule a call with our PR team to brainstorm how we can elevate your brand to trade and national media today! 

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