Influencer Marketing

Food bloggers are more than just a recipe resource - they are powerful brand ambassadors! Here are 5 reasons to invest in influencer marketing.
Bloggers and RDs are a trusted media source for consumers. Here are 3 ways you can work with them to share positive brand experiences!
We recently shared the benefits of investing in “influencer marketing,” or creating meaningful relationships with food bloggers after my trip to BlogHer Food in Miami. But you don’t have to invest in attending a blogger conference to meet potential blogging partners. Take advantage of your travel time to meet with local foodies and create those connections on their turf. Next week, United Fresh offers a prime opportunity for produce companies to schedule face time with local Chicago foodies and bloggers that could serve as potential cheerleaders for your brand. The Chicago influencer list below is one of the helpful resources we offer in our Passport to Chicago guide for United Fresh attendees and exhibitors. Who knows, one of these bloggers could be your next brand ambassador!
Food blogger networks are rapidly expanding and their influence over consumer decisions continue to rise. In fact, a 2013 study found that blogs outranked social media sites when it comes to influencing consumer purchase decisions. Last week I attended the annual BlogHer Food conference in Miami and had the opportunity to meet and connect with dozens of passionate food bloggers with growing networks eager to establish relationships with FRESH brands. As fresh produce marketers, it’s time to start thinking of food bloggers as more than just a recipe resource. These folks are powerful allies working towards the same mission as all of us: increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. We think of creating relationships with food bloggers as “influencer marketing,” and here are five reasons why fresh produce marketers should consider aligning themselves with these powerful brand ambassadors.