Influencer Marketing

Take a look at our three most read blog posts so far in 2021 including topics on effective story-telling, public relations , and influencer management.
Influencer management can seem like quite the daunting task to someone unfamiliar with the “how,” “what,” and “why” that goes along with this tactic. We know that partnering with influencers comes with pros and cons, depending on the approach. Learn more about our approach and insider tips.
We’ve compiled questions we answer most frequently about this influencer marketing and our answers to help you understand it better.
With influencers having more available time and potentially lower rates this is an excellent time for fresh produce brands to lean into this area of marketing for content creation, promotion support, or even testing a long-term partnership.
Influencer playbooks are one of the many tools we utilize when managing influencers because they prepare the influencer to be an ambassador for our brands.
We breakdown how marketers are using influencers to drive success and achieve their key objectives.
Influencer marketing is crucial to a brand's consumer engagement. Understanding this landscape can help you utilize an influencer to the best of their ability.
When looking to partner with influencers, ensure they are authentic and real fans of the brand so that you have an effective partnership.
A new year means new influencers. Check out what we think you should do in order to pick the best person to align with your brands.
To help guide your influencer marketing efforts, we’ve outlined a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to the expectations—and the reality—of influencer partnerships.