Most Read Blog Posts of 2021

We’ve hit the halfway mark in our 2021 marketing journey, and have been taking a look back at not only our client’s marketing performance, but also our own.  It’s always interesting to see what Core blog content gets the most readership, because it helps inform us about what topics are sticking the most with our readers and what our industry is most hungry to learn about.

After taking a look at our most read blog posts so far this year, we agreed the diversity of topics was too good and too relevant not to share in a compilation post. So if you missed one of them when they first published (spoiler – one of them is not even a 2021 post), you can catch it here.

Our Top 3 Most Read Blog Posts of 2021

5 Types of Marketing Appeals to Use to Captivate Your Audience

Struggling to find different ways to connect with your audience? Get a refresher on five approaches to messaging and story-telling thatCloseup headshot portrait unhappy scared anxious woman with glasses. Female biting nails looking with craving, envy for something worried isolated on white background. Human face expression emotions experts say are the best ways to evoke memory and response, including:

  • Emotion
  • Fear
  • Humor
  • Logic
  • Bandwagon


Some content never goes out of style, and this post from 2015 is a great example of just how valuable and relevant blogs can be to your overall marketing toolbox.  Sitting in the #2 position for most read Core content in 2021 is this evergreen post sharing 10 ways to elevate your public relations efforts from planning and research to media kits and tailored messaging. Hear from the PR experts on our team to learn what you can be doing to make the most of your PR opportunities this year and beyond.

10 Questions to Ask an Influencer Before You Start Working With ThemWinterSweetz_PR-Influencer

One of the most biggest challenges we hear from fresh produce marketers is a lack of understanding and know-how when it comes to partnering with and managing influencer relationships. So it was no surprise to us to see this post in the #3 position for most read Core content this year. 

If you’re feeling a little under-equipped in this area too, you’re not alone! Influencer management has become such an important part of the work we do to support our clients that we have multiple team members involved in the vetting and management process for each account. But don’t worry! If your situation requires that you figure out how to manage influencers on your own, we’ve compiled all the questions you need ask your potential partners to ensure you’re both working toward the same goals.  

READ: 10 Questions to Ask an Influencer Before You Start Working with Them

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