19 Business Wins for 2019

When planning for the new year, it’s important to take inventory of both your business and your marketing performance. Put simply, knowing where your company and brand are winning helps illuminate the impact of your team’s efforts, and when reported to leadership, this data certainly helps to position you for further growth in the future.

At DMA Solutions, our internal marketing team presents an annual recap to our CEO, Dan’l Mackey Almy. When we do, we are sure to point out not only the wins our team has worked hard to accomplish, but also the best of what our collective efforts have produced on behalf of our clients.

As we prepare our own plan for 2020, we’d like to share 19 marketing wins from 2019—comprised of marketing milestones pulled from client and DMA initiatives—that we believe will tee us all up for creating more marketing magic in the year to come.

2019 Marketing Wins

Team Milestones

1. Celebrated our 15th year anniversary serving this industry.

2. We hired 6 new team members spanning all aspects of the business, including brand management, social media marketing, public relations and business operations.
3. Four DMA team members bought a new home! We feel privileged to work in an industry like fresh that is so close-knit, caring, and community-driven, and there’s no better place to celebrate that than with our own team.

DMA Brand Wins

4. DMA Solutions hosted approximately 3,000 website visits per month to our own site, a healthy rate for a B2B service company.

5. The DMA website hosted 9% more sessions than it did last year, telling us that marketing in fresh produce continues to be a need. It also tells us that our organic search (SEO), social media and public relations efforts are working as well!
6. The Core blog, on which we provide marketing knowledge for free three times per week, was visited 11% more than it was in 2018. Thank you for reading!
7. 900 people signed up to receive our FREE content, and/or subscribed to The Core.
8. DMA’s database of marketers grew by 36% YOY, indicating that more people in the fresh produce industry have added “marketing” to their job function over the last 12 months—further fueling our passion to deliver solutions to them each week.
9. Our top 5 blog posts were What Blew Us Away (#WBUA) recaps highlighting industry tradeshows—and featuring you, our hero! If you haven’t already, enjoy this year’s most-read post, detailing “Pitchable Products and Expo Highlights from Fresh Summit 2019.”
10. 200 marketers downloaded our free 2019 Food Trends eBook, an indication that fresh produce marketers are seeking data-based knowledge to strategically guide their marketing investment.
11. We attended 12 training and industry events to expand our marketing know-how:

Marketing Wins for Fresh Produce Brands

12. Our team of marketers managed 1.3M social media community members, a number that continues to grow daily thanks to strategic planning and execution on behalf of our clients.

13. We prepared 200 marketing analytics reports (an all-time high!) for our clients to keep them informed of their monthly marketing performance, in addition to promotional analytics reports recapping dollars invested to elevate brands to trade and shopper audiences.
14. Launched approximately 15 consumer promotions that helped to grow our trade and shopper contacts by more than 152K people.
15. Promotions launched in 2019 connected the brands we manage with more than 400K engaged contacts.
16. Pitch efforts garnered 3 product placements in national magazines—as well as 15 national media placements online—from June to December, including the following publications:

    • Real Simple
    • Venture Beat
    • Parents Magazine
    • Family Circle
    • Eating Well
    • Rachael Ray Every Day
    • Health Magazine
    • Men’s Health
    • Taste of Home
    • Eat This, Not That
    • The Kitchn
    • The Healthy
    • MSN Food and Drink
    • People
    • AOL
    • Cooking Light
    • USA Today
    • Forbes

17. We earned 734 total placements for our clients in trade publications, securing them brand elevation where it matters most: to their buyers.

18. Our public relations and social media teams managed brand relationships with 94 brand influencers. We work with influencers to create third-party content and to advocate on behalf of the brands we serve, earning these brands clout and credibility from the influencers’ online communities.
19. We continued our commitment to develop and offer custom marketing solutions to fresh produce companies searching for ways to elevate their brands and products to trade and consumer audiences. As a purpose-driven company dedicated to one industry, it is always a “win” when our services are in need and our results are serving to advance brands!

To those of you who trusted our team in 2019 to help elevate your brand—whether with a project or as a more long-term partnership—we are grateful. Marketing is hard, and not because it is “rocket science,” so to speak, but because it is a moving target with changes happening on a daily basis. And let’s face it: fresh produce marketing can be particularly difficult given that there are still many people who don’t understand, say, the value of an engagement or a media placement in a major publication.

DMA Solutions exists for the marketers who find value in those measurements, which is where the hard work occurs. In 2020, we will continue to work on behalf of the marketers taking the “road less traveled by,” the path that requires the dedication of time and resources to make a difference, elevate demand and sell more fresh fruit and vegetables. It won’t be easy but it will result in wins in 2020 and beyond. If you’re ready to follow that harder path, contact us.  We are ready to win with you!

Happy holidays,

The DMA Solutions Team