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Hena is a determined social media strategist who is passionate about her clients and her work. Motivated by a creative spirit, Hena is regularly envisioning social media content for her clients to ensure they come out on top and make an impact on any platform. Hena is friendly, down to earth and a visual thinker, which makes her the perfect addition to DMA Solutions as a Social Media Specialist.

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While we're all personally acquainted with social media, that doesn't mean personal profiles work the same way as business profiles. Social media marketing for brands is a different world of opportunity and unlike posting on your personal story, there is a wrong way to go about social media when managing a brand. We've rounded up what not to be on social media to help you avoid common mistakes and plan better, more likable content!
Social media advertising allows you to specifically target users, grow your brand's community, and directly track your ROI. This all leads to your brand being seen by a larger audience that is likely to engage with your content. There are numerous types of social media ads you can run to grow your business on social media. We know this can get overwhelming, so to help simplify this information, here is a high-level breakdown of the different types.
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