25 Killer Tips from the DMA Social Media Team

In today’s digital age, showing up well on social media is more important than ever. 

With millions of brands competing to stand out online, it’s essential to keep your social media platforms in the best shape to serve your company and brand. In this post, we’ve rounded up our social media team’s top tips for maximizing success on social media.

25 Killer Tips from the DMA Social Media Team

    1. Plan your content at least one month in advance and use marketing automation software to keep your content calendar organized and ready to publish. 
    2. Shoot new photos each month to keep your feed looking fresh.
    3. Set goals and plan to track, analyze and report back on your results to gauge what is and isn’t working to determine strategies to improve.
    4. Utilize hashtags primarily on Instagram and Twitter. Although Facebook allows hashtags, it’s not proved to be the best platform for optimization.
    5. Variety in content is important! Here are some of the content categories we cover: recipes, blog posts, field/farm, lifestyle, employees/company culture, graphics, and short-form videos.
    6. Run paid social media advertisements and boost your posts every month to keep overall engagements up.
    7. Canva is your friend! There is no creative design degree needed for this easy-to-use platform where you can piece together various design assets to use on social media.
    8. Implement Instagram story highlights and create branded cover icons. This will allow consumers to reference information faster and act as an active resource for them.
    9. Host flash promotions on Instagram to increase brand awareness, engagements, and community growth.
    10. Diversity & inclusion are important to consider when planning your overall content. Everyone in the world needs to eat and each one of us should be represented in some way. Utilizing lifestyle photography and international cuisine inspiration are excellent ways to incorporate more diverse and inclusive social media content into your marketing.
    11. Instagram Reels are a big buzz right now and simple to create in-house!
    12. People love to know where their produce comes from and how it’s grown. Be sure to feature the farmers and growers who work hard every day to help put food on our dinner plates and in our bellies! 
    13. Check your notifications, comments, DMs, tags, etc. each day and aim for a punctual 24 hour response time.
    14. Remember, less is more. Posting every single day may not be the best strategy for your brand.
    15. Partner with like-minded influencers to represent and speak positively on your brand’s behalf. Influencers do a great job of showcasing the different ways to use the product(s) you grow and sell. 
    16. Always be driving traffic back to your website. Link to your recipe page, blog posts, or even to the home page.
    17. You don’t need to be present on every social media platform. Define your audience and cater to them specifically. 
    18. Videos are on the rise and perform well.
    19. Pinterest allows you to categorize your boards for you to “pin” all kinds of inspiration ranging from “Halloween Recipe Ideas” to “Kitchen Hacks.”
    20. Celebrate milestones and accomplishments! Company culture and employee recognition are a great opportunity to showcase more faces behind the brand.
    21. If you are an established brand and get tagged on social media often, be sure to re-share! User-generated content is priceless so use it to your benefit.
    22. Don’t neglect LinkedIn – Use this platform to build a community with your trade contacts in the industry and share B2B-facing content.
    23. If you are noticing many consumers asking the same questions on social media, create a post about it. 
    24. Utilize our Social Media Calendar to create content. P.S. The 2022 calendar is coming your way soon.
    25. Have fun with it! Social media is ever-changing so we encourage you to try new things. 

Give these tips a try to help reach your social media goals! If you’re looking for more guidance let us know, we’re happy to help!